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The air was heavy with the moisture of the thunderstorm that was to come. It had been baking hot all day, my skin, still tingling with the suns rays was finding respite in
the breeze coiling its way through the open window. With the moist air came the sounds of the early evening, children laughed & cried, dogs barked and traffic hummed along as lovers strolled by holding hands, oblivious to all.

The phone jangled me to my senses. "was I free"?
Hell yeah, for you babes, I will make time.

Freshly pressed, cool, crisp, Egyptian cotton sheets adorn the bed as candles flicker like erotic dancers on podiums of light, a warm bath ambles sensual scented steam into the air and once completed I feel a certain pride in
my attentions ( rosepetals scattered on the bed, soft, luxurious music weaves through the air)

The door buzzer ( which sounds like a fire in a pet shop, incidentally ) heralds my guests arrival. I rush to the handset and allow my gorgeous friend into my preparations for her...

She looks absolutely stunning, her long har flowing and cascading down her shoulders, those soft pink lips, begging to be kissed, her eyes sparkling with life. The long smooth
muscular legs and slim waist that I knew so well were encapsulated in baggy, loose fitting jeans. Her beautiful chest and upper body was shrouded in a floppy T-shirt, I return her warm smile as I say "Hi" and reach out to rest my hand on her shoulder and softly stroke the nape of her neck. Drawing her sweet mouth to mine I can feel our very gentlest touch, the hairs on the back of my neck stand to attention when her warm soft lips return my kiss. Our exchange is long and intensely passionate, and as our tongues flicker
and probe she moans softly and whispers sexy secrets in my ear (I must admit a whimpering sound escapes from me as
she softly sucks my tongue) Catherine was always very vocal and as we kiss and as whisper pillow talk to one another her voice is tremulous with passion, almost echoing the sound of the distant thunder rolling across the landscape towards us.

I take her hands and gently squeeze them, smiling, I lead her backwards into the bathroom stopping halfway to taste her hot mouth again. She stands by the bath, neck and head
turn upwards as my warm tongue and soft lips trace lines of passion and expectation around her smooth softly perfumed skin, my tongue flicks out an enquiring warm wet sliver
of sex into her ear and she responds by moaning loudly and touching the burgeoning hardness in my jeans.

As I lift the botttom of her T-shirt she extends her arms over her head, I admire her choice in lingerie yet again, the white satin of her bra contrasts wonderfully against the rich tan but I cannot wait to touch her naked flesh so
a practiced move later I find myself gazing at her succulant breats, I swoop and my mouth makes love to her firm mounds. We both gasp with expectation as her unbuttoned 511's
fall to the ground, I stroke every inch of her legs and I drop to my knees and kiss the soft skin of her thighs, she slowly turns around as I kiss her to offer me her ass cheeks to tease...I
gently bite, lick and dare I say? suck, on her gorgeous flesh.

Ahemm, "Time for that bath, babes" my dick is
making a damn good impression of Houdini at this point, so I thought it best to keep it under wraps for now and I guide her into the warm bath. I run the smooth cloth with scented
soap over her skin..(certain parts got more attention than others) she relaxes I dreamily wash her until a nearby roll of thunder brings me out of my stupor and almost
reluctantly I invite her to step out.

She stands proudly as water cascades down her curved form, little rivulets race their way down her flat stomach towards
her shaven pussy as if in competition to see which one would reach her first, she steps out and into my arms and I surround her in a warm fluffy towel.

As I pat her warm skin dry, I kiss her neck and mouth and take her hands again, this time leading her into the bedroom
inviting her to lie down and unfurl on the crisp sheets. Lightning flashes its fierce intense light in the room and we are thrown into stark relief as the thunder rolls overhead.

As the electric fan pushes air across our skin I quickly strip as she lies on the bed and postion my hips between her wide open legs, as I kiss and nibble her mouth neck and ears I can feel the soft swell of her breasts compressed under
my chest while the warmth of her pussy radiates heat across
my abdomen, slowly, deliberately, I work my way down, stopping here and there to kiss softly or trace a contour with my tongue. As I approach her pussy I look up occasionally to watch her
head roll gently from side to side, eyes shut in rapture as soft sounds escape from her lips. The musky sweet almost earthy smell of her femininity fills my senses as I run my
mouth over her wettening mound causing her to gasp loudly, I let my tongue slide between her moist lips to explore her innermost, my hands stroke smooth thighs and I am lost in
the wonder of it.

Curling an arm around the top of one leg my fingers find her mound and gently pull her flesh upwards allowing her little pearl to be exposed to my attentions, I feel her hands stroking
my arms and shoulders, long fingers curl round the back of my head pulling me in as I continue to suck and play with her. My tongue traces the letters of our names over and over her pusssy and I gently push a finger into her wetness, more moans escape as another finger slips in and widens her, I can feel the swelling of her G-spot and massage it with slippy fingertips whilst increasing the pace of my tongue,
she arches her back and a long low moan escapes, her body and mind is preparing to cum and I can tell it is a big one, I change to full strokes along her g-spot and her hips start
bucking violently as she shouts "OH FUCK, YES!...." floods of warm juice squirt over my fingers mouth and chin, her nails dig into my neck as she pushes me into her soaking
gyrating pussy, I lick and swallow her juices as her gyrations gradually reduce to the gentlest of swaying movements.

Pulling on my upper arms she encourages me up to her mouth and as we share her taste her handcups my heavy balls and
gently squeezes. Her other hand pushes on my chest and I sit back on my kness, cock rampant and twitching as she changes position to all fours and slowly lets her lips glide over
my engorged head, her tongue swirls over and over and I gasp at the electric feeling that pulses through my cock and body. She pulls my balls downwards to stretch me and I moan
loudly and close my eyes as I feel her sucking gradually taking me deeper until she has my full length up to the hilt, continuing to slide and suck on my cock has me writhing in pleasure and I watch as she fucks me with her mouth, I can
feel my balls rise and tighten as a precursor to cumming, she senses it too and withdraws her mouth slowly sucking on my hard shaft as I slip gradually out of her hot mouth. "Empty your balls in my pussy" she whispers huskily and turns around offering to be fucked doggy style.

I position myself at her entrance and rub my cockhead over her swollen wet lips before introducing my hardness to her oh so very inviting hole, I slowly push myself deeper
and deeper into her and once all the way in I gently thrust letting her feel the whole length and thickness of my cock, I make it pulse and twitch and she returns a squeeze with
her own muscles, we both moan as we start to fuck, thrusts increasing in pace and power until we can stand it no longer. A final flash of lightening illuminates us and thunder cracks directly overhead as I make a final push into her slippy wet velvety warmth, and with a deep guttural grunt/shout I bury myself completely as I let my cum flood and spurt out to mix with her sweet juices running over my tight balls.

As we lie and stroke and kiss one another the storm moves slowly away into the night, leaving us with the scent of warm moist earth mixed with the smell of our sex and it gently caresses our senses as we drift off together. As my eyes
fall shut I smile as I look at her radiant face and wonder what our morning session will bring....

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8/2/2005 6:03 am

Mmmmmmmmmmmmm I was totally captivated throughout,

Wish my name was catherine

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