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6/29/2006 10:01 pm

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I was frantically trying to cut through the rows of cars lining the street when at the corner of my eyes, I caught sight of her waving frantically at me...Call it a cliche but the sight of her took my breath away...

my thoughts went back to our first meeting..it has been now what 11 years since the first time I tripped over her sling bag on my way down the lecture theatrette steps...making me a human rolling ball down the flight of stairs...

i didn't know for how long i just laid there looking up at the ceiling...with their round lights...reminded me of operating theaters...to be honest back then i wasn't sure where i was...

the thing that brought me back to this earth was soft voice full of...concern, apologies and a little trace of the beginings of a sob...and of course in the backround, i heard the rest of the class having a good laugh...

it was just the first day of term and I had just joined after my basic degree from UK...i knew very few of the class...and i was still missing the good times and wishing I was back in London.

And then this had to happen on my first day... why did i ever come back in the first place my brain was yelling at me...then a bright but worried face came into the frame of my vision..

i couldnt help but allow a smile to creep onto my face. "I am so sorry...i should have left my bag on the empty chair instead of on the stairs...and i did not notice that the sling was lying there. Are u ok.." or something to that effect...I could hear what she was saying but somehow...I could not hear it...it was as if i was watching a Charlie Cahplin movie...her lips were moving. but i was not registering what she was asking me...nor was I making any effort to reply her...

the face, more akin to a full moon...shrouded by the dark clouds of her hair..and her eyes..the piercing mesmerizing eyes which had a twinkle that could put the stars to shame...and those sultry lips...

anyway...i just managed to clear my head and i felt someone pulling both my arms up...and I was on my feet...none the worst except a a few bruises and a big huge bump to my pride I muttered a thanks to the guy who helped me up.

I then smiled sheepishly at the girl standing before me and she was still apologising profusely to me and she was about to burst to tears at any time. She was about 1.65m tall and I looked down at her and thought to myself...God must have a reason to make me return back home...

I quickly sensed that she was very upset with herself and I told her that its all right..it was my mistake...i should not have run down the stairs and that too...two steps at at time..

Anway, that was our first meeting...within the next 3 months, what started as a friendship blossomed into a 4 year relationship..which unfortunately was brought to an end by external pressures..which i shall not go into..but it was a beautiful thing we had going on...and i can boldly say that till the end of my days...there will always be a little spot for her in my heart..
and i would like to think i in hers.

The pain of separation and "cold turkey" treatment that we gave oursleves meant that we did not see or meet each other for a good 4 years after that...tho i was keeping track of her life and who she was seeing and she of me (this i found out later).

The reason why I did so was not because i was a stalker or psychopath but because i still cared for her and wanted the best for her. I did not want her to be exploited or mislead into a relationship where she would end up hurt. Suffice to say, those 4 years were very long years for me....because i was hoping that she would settle down soon. If not I would not have been able to live with the guilt...becoz we were almost engaged at one point in time before we broke up.

Finally she did get married to someone who was a nice gentleman and who knew everything about us and what we went through. I had already told him before arrranging for him to be introduced to her through a friend of ours. Without her knowledge, I had arranged for her future husband to get to know her. When both of them clicked, they got married, I was of course not invited but I was happy that at last she was getting married and her parents would be happy as well.

I was married before her and I am so grateful to my wife for being so understanding when I told her why I needed more time before entering another relationship.

Anyway, so when the call came from her to meet up, I was pleasantly surprised....which meant that both of us can genuinely sit down together and have a cup of coffee and discuss our families without having flashbacks or a flood of emotional memories tugging ant our heartstrings.


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6/30/2006 7:09 pm

Everyone has some touching memories in their life... and thanks for sharing yours. Looking forward to how's thing go before I comment further.

Make it your challenge.... turn me ON!!

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7/1/2006 2:29 am

Sorry, but I think its gonna be real hard to focus, for all the repressed feelings.


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7/1/2006 5:23 am

Ohhhh wow... so touching.... *$2 for 3 pax of tissues yea* for you girls, it's $1...

Anyway,.. you are a good man, a true friend to her, if not more to care about her happiness and to even indirectly lead her to her husband.

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7/3/2006 1:04 am

Sassssyyyyy...errmmm...i think my answer is my latest blog...i am wrong tho i cannot say i am happily wrong or unhappily wrong.

HLC...true...it is a part of me which will remain with me for a long long long time...have never felt the same way since those days... everything else was secondary...it is just hard to express

Serene..grrrrr...how true u were

Honey...trust me...during those time i had utilised not packets but boxes of tissues...i always believed in the mantra that if u love someone, u will only want the best for them even if they cannot be yours. sometimes life has a habit of making it known to us that some times our love is better off being set free...siggghhhhhh

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