Turning into a Woman  

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9/10/2006 6:13 am

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Turning into a Woman

Act 1:

I've got a lot of naughty thoughts on my mind which end up taking up most of my day. I think about them all the time and it drives me insane. The man that keeps occupying my thoughts is part/fantasy and part/true.
I've explored a few things but imagined even more. There was this man, I'd met him he was in his late 40's he was a big well-built guy and somewhere his wife is in the background I'm not sure where she is as yet but he'd told me about her and she couldn't satisfy him in bed.

The night I'd met him he didn't do a thing, he just told me how atracted he was and how much he wanted to fuck me but there was no approach.
We sat in the car and he undid his zipper and pulled out this swollen thick love stick of a cock. Wow it was beautiful, all 9" of it but I wasn't allowed to touch it, "it would be better if we waited," he said. and then he left jotting down my number.

Then about two weeks later he rang, our erotic encounter was finally going to take place. He'd suggested an expensive hotel room somewhere in Sydney.

As this was going to be our first sexual encounter it had to be a sensual/sexual one which had grown out of our first contact where I'd been left starving in the night. I couldn't stop thinking about his cock as I walked to the hotel room it was pearly white and it was so big and looked so heavy it hung down from the weight when erect. As he was also married only added to the erotic intensity.

As I entered the hotel I'm gripped with a feeling of anticipation that was hard to control. I ask at the desk for the key to room 249 as the desk clerk smiles, he knows this man is having a special night. I carry my bag into the room and have been told I have 2 hrs to get dressed before he arrives.

He told me he especially loves to have his big dick sucked by a cum-hungry mouth and a special woman who knows how to do this and after all these years his wife still doesn't know and what cock loving t-girl in possession of this knowledge wouldn't like to help him out. There's something very primal about this necessity to please a man, especially in direct competition with a woman in need of this knowledge.

I'm in the hotel room alone and have to get changed, a tranformation that will take at least 2 hrs...I don't want him to see me as yet not until I've completely transformed into an erotic female capable of doing all that my sexual desires can fulfil. I'm hungry and I'm feeling it now.

This is my first experience with this man and I know we are both hot for it to happen. I rush into the bathroom with my bag bursting with the magic make-up ingredients that'll alter me.

Meanwhile he's sitting downstairs drinking in the bar and I believe he's nervous at what is to come as he is savouring his first sexual encounter with someone new and completely different.

He's fantasised about this sort of thing - really wild sex with a tgirl and he tries hard to control what he wants to happen and how far he should push his fantasy to the limits.

I'm staring at myself in front of the mirror in the bathroom and I'm not confident about what I see but after applying the first layer of foundation, I decide to go one more step and apply my eyelashes, Wow! they look great my face starts to take shape and I relax for just a moment. I can't make a mistake I couldn't waste the time. I pop out my little pots of eye colour, 'I love em' the way the soft sky blue smoothes on under my eyes and the application on my eyelids certainly makes me want to fuck myself if I was a man. The eyeliner is a nice touch to finish off the eyes and the bright red lipstick that's painted over a lip plumper plumping my lips by 40% is surely a nice touch for lips that are ready for cock.

It is almost time as I get dressed in a see-through top my nipples sticking out as I've sucked them out with my little vacuum pump and I get dressed in the skimpiest of lacey g-strings it feels so tight on my smooth soft skin. I'm starting to radiate sex appeal.

One last touch is the fingernails there long and somewhat sharp if he wants to be scratched it can be done.

It is almost complete the transformation needs one last addition my new slutty hair, a wig I bought from a shop I go to all the time a streaky blonde. I luv my blonde moments and as I comb it smooth I sit and imagine the first touch of his cock when he tries to penetrate my plumped lips.

I walk around the room I've been transformed into a sexy slut my high heels are like glass stillettos and it feels good to strut as my ass arches out in anticipation the transformation is complete. This'll get his attention as I step around like a model slut.

As the lights are still bright the room needs some ambience. I turn out the lights finding a table lamp that can be turned into a sedutive mood I drape a redden silk scarf over the lamp to create a light that radiates a warm sedutive glow. I want enough light to see his enormous pearly white cock but soft enough to provide an atmosphere that glows where only hot sex can happen.

Suddenly there's a knock on the door my stomach plunges into an uncontrollable excitement, this is the moment. My high heels make me seductively strut to the door, for a moment I draw a breath and I open it. There he is our first encounter in flesh to flesh. He looks me straight in the eyes he's trying hard not to drink it all in, I smile then all these words come tumbling out, I tell him how much I was looking forward to this moment, how much I want to taste his huge cock, I want to do things and say things only a slut would say then I do a double stopping at his bemused look, did I really say all that, why is it men make you say all these things you later regret.

From that moment he had his clothes off he kissed all that he found, from my lips down we had an orgasmic night of delights and my body was charged with his electric energy.

Later on in the night he tells me his wife is downstairs and wants her to experience this sexual liberation he invites her up so she can watch and if she wants, participate in these sexual delights. A form of jealously strikes me until I meet a very sexual woman who was only in need of an opportunity to free herself.

As I ran my tongue over her clitoris she was driven mad with a desire and we both satisfied her husband and shared his cock as it was big enough for two.

rm_manda1950 67M

9/23/2006 3:05 am

They both left the room and I had the feeling that both of them would never be the same after our night of exploration and of explosion, for that is what both had done. Exploded. Both, mentally and physically.
The concierge tipped his hat as I went out into the warm night air. "Do you want a taxi?". "No thanks I'll walk for a while" I replied. The first pink hue of a new day swept along in from of me. The city streets look so clean and fresh, I could smell the crispness, like fresh white sheets.
As I walked down towards the harbour, looking every inch the slut, I became aware that a car was following me. I felt safe and yet wondered who was in that car, fantasies flooded into my head. it would speed up and two men would jump out and bundle me into the back seat. I( was really scared, he fantasy gave way to terror. What in holy shit was going to happen. This was not the fantasy that I wanted. So I shook my head and re-programmed that fantasy out. The breeze fom the harbour blew my dress open, my naked body relishing the freedom, my clt drank in the sensation.. My glass stilltoes click clacked on the granite footpath, and that car was getting closes. My This was not a dream. I started to walk faster. Clicky clicky clack. My bach arched. My dress was offering me no protection. In fact it was making the scene all the more erotic. I heard the car change gear, it was getting closer. I turned into an alley and headed up towards Sargents Row. This was the Rocks area, samdstone cobbles and history at every corner. Well the car could'nt follow me here, far to narrow. I slowed down and started to enjoy where I was.
At the end of Sargents Row walked down towards George Street, but just as I got to the corner, I saw that the car that had been following me was parked across the lane. There was no room to get past. I felt that taste of panic in my mouth, you know the one I mean. I heard footsteps behind me. Was this the driver?. Or a rescuer?I turned to face the threat or rescuer. Which would it be?
He just stood there, hands on hips. Smiling. God that smile, it was pure lust and I sure do know that one. Strangely I was beginning to feel aroused. Without saying a word, he pushed me up against the rough stone wall. stone wall. He reached round and pulled my dress,so that the fasteners let go and I was now completely naked, my body against the wall. He spread eagled my arms and legs as though he was from some cop show frisking me down at the same time. Where does he think I am hidding anything. He still had not said a word. He pulled my hips out from the wall. Starting at my neck he started to caress me with hands that hit all the right spots. "Scared?' he half whispered in my ear, so close I could feel his warm breath. "Just a bit" I replied. His hands now found my arse, his thumbs running down my crack, gently touching my cunt in passing. An involentary thrill passed my body. "My God what is he doing now" I thought, as I felt his tongue licking my arse cheek, his hands firmly on my hips. He got closer and closer to my cunt but then always moved away, leaving me with anticipation and then removal. I knew by now that unless he was a real madman I was safe at least.His thumbs one again parted my arse cheeks, his thumbs starting to spread my cunt lips apart and then I could feel his tongue flicking in and out gently kissing the entry to my cunt. His thumbs went in further, exploring and his tongue following. Here I am in a lane way, alone, naked, except for my glass shoes. he city was beginning to come awake, I could hear trucks down on George Street, this though quicly disappeared as his tongue drove into my cunt, God he must be a lizard. I relaxed as he continued to rim me, my clit beginning to swell, pushed against the stone wall. I thrust my hips back further so he could go deeper. Oh, that's good. Oh, fuck me. Oh no, he is stopping maybe getting his cock ready to finish the job. Next moment his hands were on my shoulders, firm hands but not threatening. "Turn round" he commanded "and don't look at my face". I did as I was told, but did see a glimpse of his face as i cast my eyes down to he cock. He was about 1.8 m tall, blond hair with a lot of grey and an army syle moustache. He wore a half mask like the ones you see in Venice during the festivals. He was wearing a pair of crutchless chaps like you see the boys wearing up in Oxford Street and boots that came almost to the kneee. His cock was fat.Stuck into one of his boots was a riding crop. My eyes againn fell to his cock, smooth and shaved, his ball sack was pulled down with a silver stretcher. Precum was coming out of the eye. "Squat down" he commanded. My facewas now at the same level as his cock, I knew what he wanted and now so did I. I took his engorged cock in my mouth and licked the precum, it is sort of like an entree. My full lips surrounded the head and my tongue began to lick on the underneath of his knob. I slid down the shaft, letting my teeth brush gently on his cock as I did so. I was now getting well and truly into the mood. No fear now. Just a heightened sense of my own sexuality. As I fucked his cock with my mouth, I became aware that I could hear footsteps on the cobbles. I looked up "Don't stop" he said. The footsteps came close. Not just one set but at least 4 or 5, some from where I had come from and some from George Street. My hand dropped to my clit and I started to rub it with deep pleasure. I was in the moment, totally absorbed and unaware of surroundings. His cock though big before was now growing fatter in my mouth. "OK, now stand up and turn round and let me see that beautiful cunt of yours"
I did as I was told, not much hesitation on my part and less on his. He had reached that point where it becomes impossible to stop. I bent over and put my hands against the wall. I could feel his cock at the lips of my cunt. Pushing gently to get through to be inside me. From there it was one steady push as his cock inched inside. At last I could feel his balls on my arse. Another guy came between me and the wall, he undid his pants and let them drop to the ground. He stood there working his cock with his hand, it looked so inviting. It stood up like a Boy Scout on duty. Without ceremony my 'Driver' said "Suck his cock" as he drove deeper and faster into my cunt. I went down on this stranger and greedily started to eat his cock. One cock deep inside my body and the other half way down my throat. I was in Shemale slutty heaven. Out here in the open, naked, having my cunt fucked by a stranger and having my mouth pussy full of throbing cock. The one in my cunt was now becoming a lover, his thrusts timed to excite and satisfy me. I came with such a mind blowing rush,his cock continued to keep me at the peak and now allow me to subside. My climax went on and on, untill finally I felt him increase in size and with despereate thrusts he exploded in me. This had the effect of making my mouth man come to, his come gushed into my throat. I was full. I relaxed, but my Driver still kept deep inside me.
"Well you are a wonderful slut arn't you" it was a statement and not a question. We separated and clung to eack other,cu. m running from my mouth and beginning to run down my thighs like pearl jam. It was then that I saw the crowd that had gathered and the effect it had on them. There were at least 4 men and one woman. One guy was sucking off another, the woman was being fucked, one in her cunt and the other in her arse. The other guy just stood there with his mouth open in disbelief.

"Like some breakfast" my Driver asked. "Sure" I said smiling "how about fish and chips". "Sounds good to me"
"By the way" he said as we walked down into the glare of the city fully awake" You are going to be the main course at a dinner party I am throwing"

lunabloome 53T
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9/23/2006 8:47 pm

The dinner party was to be held the next weekend, 3 days I would have to wait. ..."excited?" he asked, I blushed at having been the fucked spectacle at a sex coliseum but he was right I couldn't wait and was bursting with anticipation for what was to come.

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10/15/2006 9:44 pm

loved both of the stories

morbid2004 44M
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11/28/2006 9:09 am

Hi Lunabloome I´m still waiting for your answer babe please write me soon. I need to know you...Kisses...

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12/6/2006 8:12 pm

I don't say any thing I only say , you like me , and i wanted be with you.

rm_barabas380 66M
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12/25/2006 1:47 am

thank you my darling you are charming and if you were here I will be with you you know that who I am tomb in love with you of then that I saw you I adore you my princess and I make you full of calin in this Christmas Day your love

TxRancherT 48M
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12/30/2006 9:39 pm

Can't get over how hot you are. I had a beach house on Ocean Beach some time ago and left due to a lack of beauty. Now here you are. How OB, Woy Woy and Ettalong now seem so exotic and special. Can't wait to get back to the area.

lunabloome 53T
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1/4/2007 1:52 am

TxRancherT - It's hard to believe you are now so far away Texas USA and coming from such a humble place as Ocean Beach. Wow! sometimes the world seems like a small place.

rm_HeSheLover76 41M

5/21/2007 9:13 am

Lunabloome, you're amazingly hot and your story really turned me on. I'm dreaming of your hot lips on my hard dick... I'd love to exchange some pics with you - please invite me to your network and contact me at syrius_three at yahoo dot com. Kiss

greggreg68 50T

6/16/2009 8:29 pm

hi Luna when i cum 2 town i will b your girlfreind and ill ride you all night as a girl can do GiGi oxoxox cant wait

intodeep08 56M

1/5/2010 11:08 am

I love those stories,I hope one day to be pounding your sweet cunny.


7/1/2010 6:55 pm

lunabloome u are hot i live near gosford too, we should hook up some time

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4/1/2012 8:08 pm

I am 66% or maybe a 69 man % of the man you have described check out the room I have booked for you in the email i sent you do they still have the woy woy markets that we used to sail my Pink Hobie 16 Catamaran to from Sand Point at Palm Beach back in the eighties

Black_Hills 46M
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7/1/2016 11:05 am

Such an amazing adventure--very sexy!

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