Well she asked for it  

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4/27/2006 10:12 pm

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Well she asked for it

So this is in response to lioness_girls request for a response to her 100th post.

Here you go lioness.

I push you down on the bed, on your back; with you head just off the edge. Perfect. I put my dick on your, waiting for service, but you will not open and my pre-cum pools on your lips. I beg you to open up and take me, but you refuse. I hold your nose until you give and open your mouth.

As you gasp, my dickhead travels past your lips, over your tongue, and into your throat. You gag a little and I pull back, only to return. I hold your head still and thrust myself into your mouth and throat. Each time I push a little harder and a little faster as my balls smack you in the face. This is such a turn-on that quickly shoot a hot load of cum, my dick is so far in that you don’t even taste the first shot. As I finish my load, you get up, turn around, and sit on the edge of the bed then suck every last drop from my dick. When you do, you feel my hand on the back of your head. I am not going to let your mouth leave me like this and my hard-on returns after a few more minutes of forced attention.

I pull out of your mouth and you are breathing hard, I push you back on the bed. As I do, I go in for the hummer on your clit. You are still hot and moist from your shower. My lips vibrating on your clit make you moan in pleasure. Your moans intensify as I slip one finger, then two inside of your soaked pussy. As my vibrating lips and darting tongue play with your clit, I slide a solo pinky inside your pussy. You wonder what I am doing, until my first fingers crawl back into your pussy and my pinky lubes, then penetrates your ass. My fingers move in and out of you in unison, first fast, then slow. You hips pulsate as you beg to be fucked by my fully engorged hard-on, but the combination of a third finger in your pussy and sucking your clit, puts you right over the top. You grab my head pulling me into you as you begin moaning in orgasm.

But then, I pull back, you pull at me to return as you begin to fade, and I do. Only I lift your legs high and wide and push my dick all the way inside of your cumming pussy. You gasp and moan more as I pin your legs back and pound every inch of my rock hard dick inside of you. You grab my back as if begging me to stop, but on every pump, you gasp and moan. My balls slapping your ass as your pussy quivers around my dick. Your first orgasm barely finishes, as your second begins. This time I slow down and draw it out.

I release your legs and let them fall to my waist. I grab your hips and with me inside of you, grind us together with my dick and your pussy meshing in all different ways. You climax with me deep inside of you.

I lean over and kiss your lips, nibble on your bottom lip, then suck on each of your nipples. I pull my dick out from your innards, and stand your sweaty, sexy body up, turn you around and bend you over the bed. I spread your legs, and I am back inside of you. This time I am working fast, as my balls slap against your clit and my hands pull your hips to me. You get up on your hands and push back into me as I slow down for a minute to catch my breath. When I do, I tease your ass some more, you push back on my finger as it enters your tight sphincter. You moan a little and start pushing and pulling against my finger, I tease you clit with my other hand, rubbing and fondling it. I slip my finger out of your ass, grab your hips, and start thrusting again. As I do, you slide a hand back to your clit. You pull up your hood and allow my balls to smack your exposed clit. As I pick up some momentum, you start sounding like you are going to cum again. Your pussy drenches itself in pre-orgasm, my balls tighten, and your first loud moan is like a siren song. My dick explodes inside of you, filling you with my hot cum as your pussy sucks me dry in your orgasm. I pull out of you as my cum pours out as well. I collapse on the bed next to you.

You roll over into my arms, we kiss, and fall asleep.

-- lumly

Lioness_girl 46F
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5/21/2006 3:33 pm

This was just too seductive that I couldn't respond when I first read it that I was absolutely speechless.

When's is the next installment?


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SmiteFangoLarva 43M

6/5/2006 9:58 pm

Sorry for the delay... new entry posted! Don't want to disappoint my fan.

-- lumly

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