Back on the ropes  

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4/23/2006 9:43 pm

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Back on the ropes

This is a continuation of Lioness_girls original work. So, to catch up feel free to read this first Dominating Kitty, then this Not so Submissive Kitty and then you're ready. However, I think that this is strong enough on its own if you don't have time.


You are back on my bed, naked, face-up, spread eagle, arms and legs restrained as before. Again, you want the blindfold. However, this time is different because you do not want to be disappointed again, and I had better deliver "or else" you say.

You hear the ice rattle. You know this trick, rattle the ice, but then deliver the heat. Except this time, you feel the ice drops, three on each nipple, then a brief rub of an icy hand over the outside of you pussy. You try to recoil, but the straps hold firm. Three more drops per nipple bring you nipples to full attention. Then the heat comes, hot oil (not burning, but not just warm either) is poured on your stomach, filling your navel and pouring off your sides. I then spread the hot oil up you stomach and chest, paying special attention to your breasts. I spread the oil in a spiral pattern around your breasts, first the left then the right, but not oil for your nipples, only the occasion ice drop if they show any signs of softening. I keep adding oil until you shine from neck to belly.

I pour more hot oil on your stomach and begin spreading it down your body. I make sure that every bit of your waist, hips, thighs, legs, and feet are shinning with oil. I take special care on the inside of your thighs where the hot oil is practically dripping and make sure that you skin had taken every bit of oil possible. The only area missing oil is your pussy, where I place a spot of whipped cream. Now you hear the ice again, and a few more drops of ice on those nipples for good show.

Then you feel my hand under the small of your back, as I lift you and shove a small pillow underneath to put you at a better angle.

You then feel me get on the bed, and feel my tongue lick the outside of your pussy and your clit, cleaning the whipped cream. I make sure every little bit is gone, as I suck the sweetness from your clit. As I continue fondly fondling your clit with my tongue, I spread your lips and slide two fingers inside of you. You make a moaning sound and remind me of my responsibility. I then slide my fingers out of you, lean in, and rub my throbbing member on your pussy and clit, spreading my pre-cum. Once the outside is as well lubed as the inside, I lean over you and the head of my dick breeches your pussy. You moan and want more, but only my throbbing head is inside of you. I slide my head in and out of you slowly ten times, you command more, but I lean back and escape completely. Then you feel something cold and hard on your pussy, as I inside an icy cold glass dildo. You squirm as the dildo goes deep inside of you, pulling away your heat. The dildo begins to warm more ice drops tap on your clit. I slowly remove the icy dildo; I then replace it with a hot glass dildo. The temperature change excites you as I slowly introduce this internal warmer. I slide the hot glass dildo in and out of you with increasing tempo as you embrace its heat. I rub your clit and feel the warmth return. You moan as your pussy fully recovers from the cold and is almost on fire. I remove the hot dildo, and replace it with the head of my dick. You moan again, and this time you get what you want as I lean over you and slide another inch in, then back out, then three inches in, and then back out, then five in, and back out, then all the way in. You moan in pleasure as I fill you with my dick.

I then pull out and put my head back in, then out, then all the way in. Then again, except I tease you with my head a few times, before pushing all the way inside of you. Then I slow down and gentle move in and out of you s few times. Then I pull all the way out and release your left leg. I lift your leg and my dick is back inside of you. This time I'm pounding you hard, my balls slapping your ass. You moan and your pussy drenches me. I back out and suck on your clit until you are moaning again and demanding that I finish the job. I release your other leg.

I fold your legs back towards your chest as I slowly re-enter you. This time I am in and out slowly at first, and then gradually increase the pace. My balls are slapping your ass and my engorged blue-steel hard-on is as hard as it has ever been. You feel every inch of me in both length and width grows even more inside of you. Your moans become intense; you are on the verge of orgasm, which quickly brings me on the verge as well. You start to cum, three strokes later; I cum with you, shooting my hot cum deep inside of you as your pussy sucks and pulls every drop from my dick.

I release your arms and blindfold, and collapse on your heavy breathing chest where my ear is filled with the sounds of your pounding heart. I kiss you passionately.

You whisper, "now wasn't that better, hope you don't take to long to recover, the night is long from over."

I start to recover.

-- lumly

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4/25/2006 4:43 am

Ummm....I should not be reading this first thing in the morning after a shower and before I go to work.

I'm all hot now


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