Hooters Adult Clubs  

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2/8/2006 2:13 pm

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Hooters Adult Clubs

Now this is a brilliant idea that the popular restaurant chain needs to cash in on. Think about it. Hooters restaurants are always packed despite the fact that their food is terrible. Why are they always so busy? Could it be because of the waitresses wearing shiny pantyhose, short orange track shorts and low-cut tank tops? Let's face it, you can comfortably fit all of the people that go to Hooters for the food in a medium-sized walk-in closet. Also, those people should stay in that closet so they don't infect society. At the very least, those weirdos should have to wear tin foil on their heads so we know who they are. But I digress...

Since most of the people go to the restautant go there to oggle the Hooters girls, why not end this illusion and give people what they really want. After dinner hours, open up the restraurant as an adult club where the Hooters girls can do lap dances. To be honest, every time I go into a Hooters restraurant, I always get lost in thought staring at one of the girls bending down, imagining that she's grinding that sweet pantyhosed-ass on me. I can practically feel those shiny orange shorts rubbing against my jock. Then, I have to start thinking of other things, worried that somebody might notice my erection. Then again, maybe the Hooters girl can help me there my jerking me off while I finish my cousin of grouper sandwich. Now that would be worth a pretty big tip, don't you think? Anyway, this is my dream. It may not be as socially important as Dr. Martin Luther King's dream, but it's a dream just the same.

So, who agrees with me? Who would like to see this dream become a reality? Let me know what you think.

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