A typical day around the cabin  

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6/10/2006 2:09 pm

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A typical day around the cabin

The clouds have cleared away and its a beautiful afternoon here in the woods. This is a typical day at the cabin:

Lucky usually awakens me early by poking his hard on betwen my butt cheeks. I roll over for him and he mounts me. There is something so re-assuring like a nice roll in the hay early in the morning. The sun is going to come up, Lucky is going to screw me first thing in the morning - all is right with the world! I think I must look horrible, but he assures me that I look hot! first thing in the morning with my hair all messed up, and maybe even a little mascara smeared under my eyes. He doesn't even mind the woolen socks I wear to bed! I like it when he folds my thighs up to my chest and puts his hands on the back of my thighs to drive his big stiff hard-on deep into me. He says I look sexxy like that: on my back with my thighs around my boobs, and he can see his cock going in and out of my pussy too. His own little porno - featuring me and his cock!

Then, he usually tries to go out and get some work done. I have gotten him spoiled to "peanut butter & jelly sex". After lunch, or sometimes before, I will service him by sucking him off at lunch time. I love to put one hand cupping his balls, and one hand on his ass to encourage him to drive his cock deep into my throat. I love it when he comes there!

If we don't have to do any work that day (like Saturday), then most times we will have lunch in bed. I have time to dress up in heels with the little white ruffled socks, and stockings, garters, a "boulder-holder" bra, and put on make-up and get all slutted up! Sometimes I am his secretary, and he gives me some "dic-tation". Sometimes, most times, I just turn my ass to face him, and there I am - buns up on the bed while he stands at the bedside. It gives him better balance to drive his cock into me. I love it from behind! He bangs me hard for 3-4 good orgasms for me, and then he cums: he crawls up on the bed with me and crouches over my ass while he pumps his jism into me.

Sometimes, he makes me work really hard when he's getting hard again: he likes me to stand above him and straddle him, and slowly lower my pussy on to his cock. This gives my thighs a good workout.

Sometimes, I get off easy when he only has time for a quickie: all I have to do is bare my breasts and encourage him while he masterbates and shoots his load all over them. He likes that alot!

Well, just another day at the cabin...

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