Some days are better than others  

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7/25/2006 3:50 pm
Some days are better than others

25th July 2006

I've been working in the entertainment industry now for 3 years and for the most of it things have been great. The amount of situations I find myself in over the course of a week is astounding and today was no exception.

Anyway, it's on the tube journey home that this little tale really begins. I'd had a business meeting at 5 and then a few drinks with a female business contact, Charlie; the kind of girl that makes you imagine a whole host of sexual fantasies the minute you set eyes on her. 5ft 7 with shoulder length blond hair and those 'Fuck me eyes' that every man is searching for in a woman.

Anyway, we'd been for a few drinks and after discussing business matters the conversation turned towards our respective partners; or rather lack of in my case. Charlie lets on that she's feeling a little frustrated due to her boyfriend being back in OZ whilst she's now living in the UK. 'I have a real problem with the heat' she says, 'it just makes me a little randy'. At which point I realize that maybe Charlie's had a bit too much Chardonnay for one night. The problem is I can't help but notice the most perfect 36C breasts shes concealing beneath her light blue blouse. And Charlie knows this too because no sooner had I suggested that we make our way home, than I see that she's beginning to play with the silver cross that hangs around her neck and hovers just above her cleavage. 'I keep having to take long showers, god knows what my flatmate thinks' she says, all the time playing with the cross around her neck.
Suddenly I find myself imagining what it would be like to kiss those breasts, to tease her nipples, would that turn her on? would my gentle kissing and tender caressing get her pussy all wet? And if it dud how far could this go?

Finally, I managed to divert my attention away and we made it to the central line, where we jumped on the westbound service. The carriage was only filled with a handful of people but we still stood by the end bench section, me slightly sitting with Charlie standing before me. 'Do you like my breasts? I noticed you looking at them before.' Slightly embarrassed I sat momentarily stunned, searching for an answer that wouldn't make me out to be an utter pig.
'It's Ok, I liked it' she then said to my amazement. 'The only problem is, now I'm all horny', 'here see for yourself' and with that she unzipped her jeans and guided my hand inside. I could instantly feel the dampness of her knickers, and then moving them to one side I pushed a finger deep inside her, then another, causing her to lean into me further. 'Tell me what you were thinking when you were looking at my breasts in the bar' she whispered in my ear as I began to rub my finger slowly over her clit.

'Just about how I'd like to remove this blouse, and kiss your breasts whilst taking off your bra.' I whispered back. 'Of what it would be like to see you get turned on when I caressed them, how wet it would make you.'

'I think you can guess' she replied as she tried to contain her growing excitement.

'Then I'd place my cock in your mouth as you played with your pussy, all the time wanting to cum across your breasts.' and with that final image she came, biting down on my shoulder as she did.

It took us a few stops until we'd calmed down enough to move apart but as we pulled into Charlie's stop she leaned in and with a little smile said, 'sounds like fun, maybe next time' and with that we went our separate ways.

Can't wait until I see her again on Friday

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