a fun meeting  

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4/11/2006 11:18 am

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a fun meeting

ask you out for breakfast, and you say please pick me up.
I arrive and you greet me at the door in your nightgown, I look at you and say your not ready to go out for breakfast and you say I know.
You walk around me and lock the door. You reach up with your right hand around my neck and pull me down for a long and passionate kiss. With your left hand you start massaging my cock into a strong hard on and you stop the kiss and say, I love hard things in my hand, and I like your willie as you give him a gentle squeeze, you then say I don't have any undies on either and your breakfast is getting wet and warm for your delightful tasting.
As we are still kissing, you then put both hands on my chest and remove my jacket, you pull my T-shirt out of my pants and run your hands under my T-shirt and say I love a man with hair on his chest and you start guiding me backwards to your bedroom, as we are kissing we walk very slowly towards our pleasure spot.
We walk through the kitchen and I stop the slow walk and redirect with me now guiding you, you loose the idea of where we are. I get you close to the kitchen table and I lift your nightgown up and you give a little moan through our kiss.
I drop down a little and start kissing your neck, as I am kissing your neck I lift you up on to the kitchen table, you ask what are you doing, I respond with well I am going to have breakfast like we planed. You give me a nervous moan through our kissing, I slide my hand between your thighs and start massaging your pussy.
It takes just seconds for your pussy to show me some of it's sweet nectar, I break off the kiss and say, it's time for my breakfast and ask you to lay back on the table and you do with a now very nervous sigh and say oh God, thank you.
I go down to my knees and you open your legs to give me a full view of your wet and pulsating pussy. You told me at one time your clit is well hidden and no one has ever found it, but as you open your legs, I watch your clit pop out of it's hiding spot and is very erect. I run my tongue lightly over it, you give a deep moan and say you found it. So I show you I did by taking it into my mouth with a very light sucking and that makes you moan again, this time louder then the last moan.
I slide me finger into your very wet pussy. I stop massaging your clit and drop down to get a taste of your sweet nectar, you are so into what I am doing that you don't hear me using one hand to undo my pants and slide my pants and underpants down and Willie is harder now then before knowing his is about to enter a very wet pussy.
I take my finger and reinsert it into your pussy as I stand up, I slowly insert Willie into your hot and pulsating pussy and you think I am teasing you with my finger tip.
Very slowly I push willie in not to hurt you as your still tight from the orgasm and want you to have the best time you could only dream of. Willies head breaks into your long awaiting pussy and then your pusses internal muscles take over and pulls my Willie in. I get fully inserted and I start holding your hands and you open your eyes and say oh God your inside me and you feel so good in there and you pull your arms up and slide your body towards me to get me as far into you as I can. You lift your nightgown higher and say some things want to say hi, and you guide my hands to your now very hard nipples, so i start playing with them and after a few minutes I feel your pussy tighten up around my Willie and your body starts to shake and you then gush with a major orgasm and say God that has never happened before, so I grab your hands again and start thrusting my Willie deep inside you and after about 15 minutes You orgasm again and I fill your pussy over flowing as I cum in you and we both hear a rush of air and you feel your pussy lips vibrate as the air rushes out because our love juices take up the full inside of your love spot.
I pull out and you feel the rush of juice flow out of your pussy and you hear it drip onto the floor and you sigh and say I love that sound of things dripping, it sounds so wonderful and relaxing.
I pull you up and see your glazed over eyes and your very big smile. You pull me close and give me a very passionate kiss and say I loved that. I cannot wait until we do this again.

MsLoveRose 34F  
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4/11/2006 12:00 pm

sounds like a fun meeting....

i think i had a dream similiar to this one....not that long ago!!

live more, laugh often, love much

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