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3/11/2006 2:35 am

Anal with my neighbor
At 2:00 in the afternoon I had the urge that I could no longer control so I headed out into the yard for what was supposed to be a long session of solo masturbation. I love sex in open places like parks and my back yard. As soon as I exited the back door with my cock in hand, I could see my long legged sexy neighbor Karen standing on her deck wearing only a jog bra and some very tiny boy shorts. As soon as she noticed me, she waved and then inquired "Do you need any help with that?" "Help from you is always welcome." I replied. She turned went back into her house and in seconds was passing through my gate into my back yard. Without hesitation or comment she dropped to her knees and began to suck my swollen cock. I was in heaven. After several minutes she pulled my cock from her mouth and said to me "I want this in my ass!" Always eager to please I replied "OK." She stood and in one smooth motion removed what is probably the smallest pair of boy shorts that I have ever seen. She turned her back to me bent over at the waste, grabbed her butt cheeks and said, "Fuck it like there is no tomorrow!" I stepped forward and stroked my cock between her very wet pussy lips for lube then moved to her tiny puckered rosebud. Slowly I began to push and before I knew it I was balls deep into one of the most perfect asses that I have ever had. Karen moaned deeply and instructed me to go slow and deep. I reached forward and began to fondle her tits through her bra as I fucked her ass. She took one of my hands and moved it to her cunt instructing me to insert as much of my hand as possible. "Oh" I said, "Is a double penetration what you really want?" "Yes she cried!" "Then pick up that garden spade and use the handle on your cunt like a dildo!" I ordered, as I removed my hand from her soaking pussy and went back to using her tits as leverage for fucking her ass. She grabbed the spade licked the handle then began to rub her pussy with it. After just a few minutes she had the entire handle deep into her cunt she ordered me to fuck her ass hard and fast. I increased my tempo, and soon I was on the verge of cumming. I announced this to Karen, and she replied "Fill my ass with cum." I pushed in one last time and let my load go. This sensation must have pushed her over the edge because she cried out "I'm cumming!" As she plunged the spade into her pussy one last time. I pulled my still hard dick from her ass and could not believe how much I had unloaded into her. It was flowing like a river from her stretched ass. She hobbled over to a chair sat on the edge of the seat inserted her fingers into her ass then withdrew them covered in cum and licked them clean. Seeing this was almost enough to make me cum again. I stepped forward, and Karen inhaled my cock sucking deep and hard while continuing to finger her own ass. I did not last long with her talented tongue working its magic and again I unloaded a massive burst into Karen's mouth. She swallowed it all. As I withdrew my softening cock from her mouth, she said, "Thanks that was a great fuck. My husband is too much of a prude to fuck my ass so I have to get anal where ever and whenever I can find it." "Well any time you want anal sex all you need to do is ask." I replied "And thank you, you are an amazing fuck." With that she rose from the chair picked up her boy shorts and walked out of the yard naked except for her bra.

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