Who would you throw it all away for?  

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2/1/2006 11:52 pm

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Who would you throw it all away for?

A few years ago I was on another site -- you know the one where you can look up old classmates? when I stumbled on a woman I knew briefly in college. No, let me correct that: she was the only name I could remember at her school, so I was actually looking for her.

She and I did not date back then, but we met at a dance and I walked her back to her room but was too much of an idiot then to take it any further. (25 years later I keep reminding myself I was a proper gentleman.) We met again a few months later and repeated the whole thing over again. Fast forward twenty years later and I'd nearly forgotten about her when the school was in the news and her name popped into my head. So, after a month or so, I got the nerve to send the message.

That lead to about two months of fantastic e-mails. She was bright, successful, compassionate, and elusive. We lived on opposite coasts. Then she asked the question: why? and I blew it. If there's a digital version of being completely ham fisted, I invented it in that e-mail. End of the e-mails.

So, the question is, and I'm not sure it even applies to me in that case, is there somebody you know (or knew)that you would/would have/would consider throwing it all away for? Let's get rid of the sexy qualifiers like not getting caught, or could be anybody in the world, etc. Assume you would get caught and lose any relationship you're in, but that getting caught pays off in keeping your hottie. (I've got to throw some fantasy in, don't I?)

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