Is this Work or Play? You tell me!  

rm_lovesps 57M
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2/5/2006 1:23 pm

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Is this Work or Play? You tell me!

Lately I've been starting to think this whole AdultFriendFinder thing was starting to feel like running a business. Work. You have to start a blog to have content to drive eyeballs to your profile, just like a dot com; then your blog has to be provocative and interesting enough for people to want to look at it, which leads to sharper headline-writing, just like the newspapers; the whole issue of how to get people to comment on your blog is something that's still eluded me (I write too much, I know); then, to keep people interested you've got to have an interesting photo or be stunningly beautiful; then, you have to work on your profile by sexing it up (sometimes literally, sometimes figuratively). The profile is where you're driving the eyeballs.

We're all little entrepreneurs here, selling the product that most of us have the most difficulty selling: ourselves. In the purest sense. It's hard to create the emotional distance you'd have in, say, a job interview when you're offering yourself for love/friendship/sex. (Thankfully, I've only seen a few commercial solicitations.) So it's easy to see how it can feel like work. And I've seen enough discouraged bloggers out there to make me think that this can be a grind.

But I've had a revelation that's changed my perspective a bit. I just finished reading an interesting essay this week in Harpers (Feb 2006) on the nature of being a "player." Player, in the sense of the essay, didn't refer to somebody specifically on a site like this (i.e. not a "play-ah" ) but rather somebody that views "life" as the game. They apply the same approach to every facet of their lives. Unlike most of the world, filled with workers who "play" as diversion, to the player "work" is the diversion. To paraphrase, if you're a player you work at your golf game, you work at relationships. And, I suppose, you work on your AdultFriendFinder profile. But business, life, whatever, is all about the game.

Not to say players are lazy. Only a worker would think that. The essay points points out that a player will labor with the intensity, frenzy, and relentless drive to ensure his or her success at the game. Which, you have to admit, would be exhausting to almost anybody.

What distinguishes the worker from the player is this: the worker understands the game is just that. The player is like the two fish in my earlier post -- he doesn't know what water is.

So, here's my question: are you working this site like a player, or playing at it like a worker?

rm_PurryKitty2 49M/51F
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2/5/2006 7:35 pm

Woking it like a player! Sure is tiring!!!

Purry {=}


tillerbabe 57F

2/6/2006 12:55 pm

I don''t "give a s&#t" I just like to "blog" LOL! Whatever cums my way... "cums" my way...

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