I love women.....  

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1/25/2006 11:25 pm

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I love women.....

Tonight I came from a meeting where I knew most everybody there except the one new employee who was given some of the duties that kept the whole thing moving. She was what I call "Palm Springs mature" -- her very pretty face looked like she could be 40 or a well-preserved 54 or 55. Understated makeup, not pulled like she was face-lifted, just well-cared-for. Serene in her beauty and her knowing she can still turn a head (mine, anyway). Stylish haircut, (chin-length, good color, asymmetric cut), well-dressed, incredibly tight ass. The hands were what gave away as over 50...it's probably the most difficult thing to finesse. I don't have a fetish, but am I the only one who looks at hands? Still, I have to say Palm Springs is where I discovered mature women. It could be that as I got older (I'm now 45) they were less older than me, but I'm grateful I'm not completely hung up on way-younger women, though I love them all. When I lived on the east coast, women that age seemed to have decided to "act their age" and just allow themselves to gray, frump, etc. Of course that a generalization and my box will fill up with angry e-mails, but understand my point: society seems to have created a feeling among that there's an either/or choice: dress too young and look like Baby Jane or get old. How about just staying sexy? Isn't that the best revenge?

Yesterday I was at lunch with a friend of mine (he's made a bunch of money off me, so he paid)and we sat near two tables of three women each. After he got done wiping his chin from drooling over the hostess (he's about 60 and fat, she was about 20 and smokin' hot and I don't want to say how many times he said he'd like to have her for lunch) I put on my sunglasses and tuned him out. Blah blah blah me me me blah blah. Directly in front of me, occasionally shielded by her middle-aged lunchmate, was a perfect brunette of about 30. Shoulder length hair, tiny bit of wave to it, and serious, serious brown eyes. Wearing a pantsuit. I noticed the rock (and I mean rock) on her finger about halfway through my salad. Given that her left hand was away from me, was that intentional? I was only looking, and wasn't drooling at all.

Ray Romano does a great standup bit about masturbating (I think in the shower). He talks about inventorying women (I know that sounds terrible) he sees during the day and pulling "them" out when he pulls "it" out. "You, the girl who bent over in the bus, you're in."

I'm not that bad, but I do remember a speech in Citizen Kane by one of the older characters (I remember the message, not the character) when he talks about as a boy seeing a beautiful young girl stepping off a bus (horse-drawn, then) and being captivated by her face and dress and her hat. Never saw her again. Here, 70 years later, not a day goes by when he doesn't think of that girl. I've had two experiences like that: one in Albany NY when I was on the bus and drove by an absolutely beautiful girl at the College of St. Rose stop, and another was in Ft. Smith, Arkansas with a waitress that hand-signed an expense receipt. I've met thousands of people since but these two images linger with me 20 or 25 years later. Has anybody else had that kind of experience, or am I just nuts? More to come...

southrnpeach333 51F

1/28/2006 7:36 pm

Not a snap shot of one particular guy. There are men I run into during the day that I might think about later. But there was this one guy in high school. Quiet intense type, not in my set of friends. I have always wondered what it would be like to have sex with him.

lovesps 57M
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1/28/2006 11:23 pm

Thanks for the posts. I'm still getting used to the whole blogging thing -- trying not to be too wordy.

The whole high school crush thing reminds me of the Thomas Wolfe phrase that "you can't go home again." When I went away to college, I remember that somehow it was easier to pick up girls back at home on weekends or break than when I lived there full time; and, the social groups rearranged themselves some time in the middle of freshman year, though I've had some of the same friends since junior high. When I showed up at the town hall once to register to vote, there was my ultimate crush (one year ahead of me, a goddess) working for the town. Wow! I think that may have been the first time I ever talked to her. Several years later, she was a secretary in an office where I worked, though she left about 6 months before I started (just a coincidence). Now that's a face I remember...

I became friends in my late 20's with another crush from the same class ('77 was a good year), and even after I moved across the country I wondered if/how I could run into her when visiting. Fast forward about 15 years and I saw her at a wedding. She was married to the groom's cousin. To say she looked like my own mother is perhaps an overstatement, but the domestic life had sapped her incredible smoldering-ness. Still a nice girl at 45, but I know you can be a mom and hot -- I know lots.

When I reached bottom on the visiting home thing was when in a bar I hit on the girl that had been my nemesis in 7th and 8th grade but had an amazing makeout session in college. When I met her girlfriend, I knew it was her girlfiend. Oh well, she had a big mouth anyway.

I'm probably not going to visit the hometown for a few years anyway.

What I find is that in my world the girls (and guys, for that matter)that I went to high school with have become archetypes for women (and men)I have met since; maybe it's a way of organizing the world in a sensible shorthand way. That's the theme of most high school-themed movies and also leads to other expressions like "Hollywood is just high school with money, etc." You never really shake it because it is what shaped you -- it is the mold.

It's like the joke I just read in a review of Don DeLillo's new book:

Two young fish are swimming along when an older fish swims up and says, "Hey kids, how's the water?"
The fish swim away without saying anything. A few minutes later one says to the other, "what the fuck is water?"

See, when we're in it we have no idea....

rm_sj365 57F
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1/29/2006 2:44 pm

so umm wait..let me see if i got this right. you like women? right? *giggles*

i once saw a beautiful man hailing a cab in NYC. Not handsome on the classic sense...but something in the way he carried himself... a self-assurance, confidence was written all over his face ( and not that cocky kinna confidence).

I couldnt have been much more than 18 or 19 at the time. I still remember his 'look' and still find similar 'looks' terribly attractive.

welcome to the blogs by the way. have FUN!

lovesps 57M
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1/29/2006 9:31 pm

You know, I was concerned about that. Do I come off too critical? The fact is, I do like women in the non-sexual way -- right now I only have 2 or 3 close guy friends and everybody else is female. And those relationshsips run the gamut from professional to motherly to uncle-y to pushing the envelope. I don't think I've found "my voice" for discussing women in mixed company.

I also love women in the other way, and can't resist a certain amount of objectifying. I think most men have trouble getting beyond those 13-year-old fantasies. Hence the problem with balance. I'm actually a straight arrow out in public.

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