Don't try this at home...  

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3/9/2006 10:42 pm

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Don't try this at home...

As much as I enjoy writing these blogs (largely for myself, I admit) and reading profiles on this site, and even exchanging e-mails, the most exciting thing about this site is actually meeting someone in person. All the obvious, unspoken questions are there -- will I like her, will she like me, when do we bring up the subject of sex?...but so many members here have more experience with this than me I don't need to elaborate.

It's especially complicated when the meeting is in your own city, and both of you are pledged to absolute, unwavering discretion, and one of you (i.e. me) knows a ton of people in town. The downside is that it definitiely delays the sexual moment. The upside, I suppose, is you get a funny story that you can never tell anybody, except each other. Or, erase the names and locations and blab it here -- in a blog post few will actually read.

So, we met a few weeks ago at a "neutral" place with a largely gay clientele and sat outside. (Ah, Southern California in February.) Nice lunch (though my ahi nicoise was a little disappointing). She was cute and funny and I think I was pretty gentlemanly and we agreed to see each other again.

This time we agreed she'd pick the place. After realizing that choice No. 1 wasn't open for lunch, we agreed to meet at choice No. 2, a favorite place for both of us. A bit pricy, but elegant, romantic, fun and, we hoped, a place where we could sit a little closer together and perhaps create a little prelude to something more explosive later....

I was a few minutes usual, trying to get out of my office at lunch time. She was already there and had been seated inside, but had gotten up to see if the patio might have been comfortable enough for us. (It was kind of a blustery day after a week of 80+ weather). So we actually met in the lobby of the restaurant. But by the time we saw each other, I'd already run into two people I knew, and when we went to our seats, the entire table of eight next to us were people I see often and know well. In fact, one of the guys asked me, "who's that woman? She looks really familiar..." My answer? "Mumble mumble mumble."

We were dying. Should we leave? The restaurant was clearly a mistake. But, I'm nothing if not the consummate bullshitter, so we stayed, and waved to people I knew in the restaurant throughout the meal, including one older friend who was there with his church's men's group, interviewing a new pastor, but stopped for a long chat afterward, and then adored my date. (Dirty old man.) With him we both had to bullshit. Good thing we had the "how do you two know each other" story squared away -- we have one plausible real-world intersection in our lives and milked it to death.

We left the restaurant completely "high and dry." No goodbye kiss, no affectionate touching, no handholding, no anything. To about twenty sets of curious eyes we had to pretend it was a business lunch. One of the worst parts for me was that she looked sooooo damn good....

When we chatted after getting back to our offices, we were both more than a little freaked. We're obviously amateurs at this, but it drove home the whole issue of discretion. Both of us may be a lot of things, but neither of us are crazy.

So next time, Denny's. Out of town.

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