Ok time for a fanasty  

lovescout 56M
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7/13/2006 1:01 am

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7/13/2006 7:51 am

Ok time for a fanasty

I like to tell you guys about a fanasty of mine. I like to meet some one for the frist time. like at a store like bestbuy or walmart. start chatting. we can tell that as we chat we liking each other and need to move this to some other place as we walk down the asile i have my hand on her ass she has her on mine. i getting hardd just imagine being with her. We get outside just outside the front door we can not wait anylonger we kiss. not a sweet peck on the cheeck a hard long passion kiss. we move to the side of the building and continue kissing. i can feel her firm brest pressing aganst my chest. i can not stop my self i have to tast them right then.
I begin to unbutton her top and i feel not bra so as soon as the button are gone i begin to suck on her breast. she moans as i have her aganst the wall on the side of the building. it is dark so no one see us. she moans more because she can feel the warm brese blowing on her other expose breast . she she says she want me now.
I stop i am not sure if I am ready for such a act. but i continue i un do my pants far enough to get out my now hard cock. i lift up her skirt and find she has taken off her panties as i was un do my pants. I place the head of my cock agianst her very wet pussy. I enter her slowly. I then begin to move faster and faster. as I begin to cum she start cumming on my cock. i cum hard in her pussy. i pull up my pants we run to my car. we decide we need to move this some other place. so i take her home and we go at it agian. now what should happen next?

rm_macrocock 49M
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7/13/2006 1:46 am

This fantasy is bullshit fit for saints

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