just getting started  

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5/28/2006 12:07 pm
just getting started

So, last night for the first time ever I went to a swingers club....Randy took me to TSC. I was so nervous....I mean we have been online now for a few weeks and have chatted about having sex with ohters...but this was for real!! At first I wasn't sure I could do it....but Randy danced with me and gave me much love and attentiona dnsoon I was feeling pretty horny....we watched a couple fuck in the couples room..and it was my first time to see that in person....it was awesome. I gave Randy a blow job and didn't mind that others were wathcing! Then later, we saw a man and woman fucking and another woman joined them and was eating the first womans pussy and Randy told me to touch her face...I hesitated...but once I did it, she moaned and I loved it....he told me to get on my knees and kiss her...I did and she was so soft and it felt so good....I touched and licked and sucked her tits....and she did mine....AND, Randy did it to her too.....this was the one hurdle that I really wasn't sure about....but once it happened..it was a total turn on!!!! When we went back to the couples room we saw the other couple still at it and Randy told me to touch the other mans cock...this was SO new to me!!! But I did it and gave him a nice blow job while Randy did his wife....and then she helped me blow her husband.....Finally, Randy fucked me before we left.....At home..we fucked 3 more times in a matter of a few hours!!! Awesome Covered alot of new territory for a first night out! Looking forward to much more....loversallways

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