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Here is the next installment of the Romance of Sex.

May is a month to be mad and wild and throw away inhibition. Sleep under the stars on the first warm night. Zip your sleeping bags together, set up a tent in the backyard and make the rest of the world disappear. Smell the crisp air; feel the breeze wafting through overhanging boughs.

Maybe you'd like to launch a rowboat in a sheltered pond one calm night and lie down together in it and watch the stars, drifting wherever the current takes you.

Maybe you could rent a bicycle built for two and ride the length of your home town, stopping at an ice cream stand on the way home to share licks of a chocolate fudge swirl cone.

Anything is possible now that the weather has turned. Love is more than in the air --it's inside you.

Sexual Pick-Me-Ups
One. Play a game of strip Monopoly.
Two. Unplug the TV and spend the evening talking.
Three. Dance naked by candlelight.
Four. Make love without hands.
Five. Give your partner a pedicure.
Six. Write each other an erotic poem.
Seven. Sneak off to the kitchen to kiss during dinner at your parents' house.
Eight. Schedule a rendezvous in the backseat of your car.
Nine. Have a picnic in bed - Chinese takeout, wine, and scented candles.

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