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Katie is the only female dog I have left of my original 10 dogs. She is a German Sheppard ‒ beagle mix. I know, you’re saying..A WHAT??? She is the cutest thing though!!!

I got Katie when she was six months old. Her previous owner was a vet student, but was left with her housemates when she went home, I guess for summer break. The housemates called the animal rescue, who in turn put her up for adoption.

The moment I saw Katie, I knew she was my dog. She looked almost identical to a dog I had growing up. We took her home and introduced her to the rest of the dogs. She got along great with all the dogs at first, but then she started having a little trouble with the other females. She would growl at them every time they would come close to any humans around. I guess she thought she was the alpha dog. I ended up having to keep all of the females separated from her. Eventually, over the years, I lost my other four girls, which left Katie by herself with the males.

She loves being the only girl…In fact; she thinks that she is a princess. Every time I let her in the house, she runs and jumps in the recliner, her throne, even if there is someone sitting in it! She is very submissive to humans, AND very stubborn. She has to go outside on her time, not when you want her to go. If you tell her it’s time, she’ll just roll over on her back and stick her legs up in the air! Sometimes I have no patience, and I end up having to pick her up and carry her to the door. Other times, if I wait about 5 or 10 minutes, she is standing at the door, waiting for me to let her out! What a brat!! lol

Now being part beagle, Katie has a lot of “huntress” in her. She loves to chase rabbits and small rodents. At night when I go outside to feed the dogs, Katie has to run out into my field to “catch” her dinner. It’s the funniest thing to watch. I have several PVC pipes inside my barn, which the rabbits like to hide…from Katie…no doubt. But that doesn’t stop HER!!! NO, she will push the pipe out of the barn and try to stick her head in the end! A few times she pushed the pipe about 100 feet! That rabbit never did come out of the pipe! I ended up having to put Katie up so I could help the rabbit get away….

She also doesn’t like the heat, and goes wherever she can to find a cool spot. This past year, she decided that it was cooler under my house, and found her way in. Now this wouldn’t have been any big deal, except she managed to pull the a/c vent off which killed all the air IN THE HOUSE. It took me awhile to get that fixed, but that’s a story for another day! When she is in the house, if she is not on her throne, she will usually be found laying directly on top of a register. In fact, that is where she is laying right now! Lol

Well that about sums up my Katie…fondly called Katiedid, or Katiebitch, depending on what mood she’s in!

Thanks for reading!


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8/1/2006 1:31 am

I now realise why I enjoyed your writing, you too love dogs anyone that loves animals must be good.
I have five a pure breed golden border collie, her daughter to a huntaway , a pure breed beagle and his daughter with the collie my princess Lucy.

lovemetouchme5 replies on 8/6/2006 6:13 pm:
I have always loved animals. Grew up with a dog, then in college, I had a mouse, then two hamsters, a couple of fish, a few cats, and then finally dogs. Thanks for stopping by! Loveme

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