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7/2/2006 10:43 am

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Firework displays have always been a big deal to me. Every time I see them, I get choked up. I don't know why, I guess that's just the type of person I am. I remember as a kid we would have a bbq and then go eww ahh at the local fireworks display.

As an adult I have since expanded my horizons and traveled great distances just to watch the fireworks.

In 1991, a former boyfriend and I got a wild hair and drove two hours to see the St. Louis fireworks. We got there just in time for them to start and left as soon as they were over. We sat right on the riverfront. The fireworks were so close that it looked like we could touch them.

In 1995, My dog and I took a vacation (I used to do a lot of travelling with just my dog..better company sometimes!) to the Gulf of Mexico around the fourth, and was in Biloxi, Mississippi to see the fireworks. Now I asked people where the best display would be, and they said the military base in the next town puts on a good one, but I couldn't figure out where that was, so I stayed in Biloxi. Now mind you, the fireworks weren't going to start for about 3 hours, but I had an excellent parking space, so I stayed put!! Mistake number one... I got so bored, hot, tired...but I didn't care, because I was really looking forward to the fireworks. 9:30 rolls around and the fireworks starts. EWWW AHHH 9:45 rolls around and the fireworks are over! WHAT!!! I wasted 3 hours of my vacation on 15 minutes of fireworks??? Mistake number two... That perfect parking space..Yea right. It took me about an hour to get out of there! Never again! I should have looked harder for that Military Base!

In 1996, I traveled to Washington DC to visit my cousin and to see the fireworks display. We spent the day touring the Smithsonian (awesome, as usual) and then made our way to the grounds of the Washington Memorial facing the Lincoln Memorial. We did get there fairly early, which was a good thing because there were about 500,000 others there too! My cousin and I had a blast, and the fireworks were the best I have EVER SEEN!!! I will never forget that!

In 1998, I started seeing my high school sweetheart again after 13 years. I went back to St. Louis for the weekend and we did something a little different on the fourth. We went to our old high school and sat on the 50 year line to watch the local fireworks. It was pretty cool because from where we were sitting, we could see the surrounding town's displays as well! It could have been a very romantic occasion, except he brought his three kids along too! Don't get me wrong, I love kids, and I'm glad they were there. We all had a really good time.

Now where my soon2bx and I live, if you look just right, you're able to see both Columbia's and Jefferson City's fireworks at the same time! So for about 2 years, we would watch them from a far. Of course it wasn't the same as being right there, but watching all the fireworks light up the sky was still totally cool.

Last year was a little different. My husband was getting his pyrotechniques license and had to do three outdoor "shoots". So on the weekend of the fourth, we traveled to Truman Lake (a state park in Missouri). He spent the entire day helping them prepare. It was so cool watching them. You'd be amazed as to what all goes on behind the scenes to get ready. I will spare you the details though! The shoot was going to take place on the dam and I got to park my car about 200 feet from it! Talk about EWWWWWW AHHHHHH!

Ironically, after all my travels to see fireworks, maybe the best ones were right outside my front door. My neighbors must spend a small fortune on fireworks because every year they have a fireworks display that lasts about an hour! We would go outside, sit at our picnic table and watch. Of couse there was a tree line in the way for some of them, but the big ones were great!

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THE best fireworks display that i have EVER seen,HAS to be the one while on my vacation in Florida.

I went to the Epcot center in Orlando,& was blown away by the fireworks display on the Island,at the back of the Epcot center.

This was in 2000,but i think that they still hold New Years day,every day there,& celebrate it with an enormous fireworks display on the lake at 9.00pm every night.

That Year there was a Globe that lit up & opened up into a giant flower.The festival was to celebrate the Millenium from all around the world.Pictures from every continent,were projected ONTO the globe,so you could see the various images.The pictures told a story & showed us the vast cultures & traditons,of the many countries around the world.It was fantastic!

The display was so colourful,& it lasted for so long.Those guys in Florida,really know how to throw a party!!


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7/4/2006 9:35 pm

As I sit here writing - I'm watching a scattering of fireworks as they lighten the sky not far from my home - sometimes I forget my blessings.

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