A Great Way to Start the Day  

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4/2/2006 8:42 pm

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4/9/2006 8:16 pm

A Great Way to Start the Day

He woke me up again this morning as he does several times a week -- the aching pressure between my bed and belly. I push down against him and he flexes gratefully. Now I'm awake.

I roll on to my back and toss the covers aside. In one practiced move my flannel boxers slide to my ankles and land beside the bed. Early daylight seeps in through the windows and defines the room and casts a warm light on to him.

He is hard against my belly yet flexes up and out to feel the cool air of morning. I spread my legs by placing my heels together. My shaved balls swell with excitement. The cumhole puckers at the top of his shiny head. Veins stand out along the iron shaft. I can no wait.

I slide one hand to the base, gently rubbing my naked ballsack. The other hand feathers along the length -- softly, deliciously. This goes on for a while -- the tension and ache building. A finger reaches to my willing crack and traces a sensuous line from there to the seeping cumslit. It is graced with sparkling pre which I smear all over the head and then lick off. Delicious.

From there the rhythm starts. A slow savory pumping, eyes closed, relishing the feeling of my cock. No other thoughts cloud this purpose -- no other sweet dripping pussies or eager, talented mouths -- just the primal sensation of my own pleasure.

Faster now. Deeper. My tongue quickly wets my fingers as I mix spit with the oozing pre, painting my cockhead. He glistens in the growing light. My stroking concentrates on the rim of this electric head. Oh God yes -- so close now.

I pull at my balls with both hands, releasing my shaft, catching my breath, using my muscles to hold back the eruption. He flexes again and slaps my belly, begging release. Oh yes -- this is beautiful. I am naked and ready.

I pump violently now -- ecstatic abandon. The wet sounds of my slapping cock filter through the morning call of birds. Wonderful nature, wondrous pleasure.

One hand steadies the base, fingers straddling rising balls. The other grips and fingers and pumps and kneads of its own accord -- some other power works here, extracting pleasure from every pore on my iron shaft, a devilish conductor building an orchestra of one to a blinding climax.

Suddenly I am bucking against my hands. I can almost hear it coming, a low gutteral buzz charging. My hands grip tighter. My cock flexes inhumanly harder within them. My toes begin to curl, and I know I can not stop now. My eyes close, and I see only swirls of color, a code of what my body will feel soon. Very soon.

I am bucking wildly now, almost bouncing on the bed, deaf and blind to everything but the pleasure and then it cums.

And cums and cums and cums.

The first hot jolt flys in a high arc and lands on my cheek. The next one aims straighter and hits my chin. I keep pumping. I keep cumming. A shallow pool forms on my chest. More and more -- each spasm both a joy and a death, the juice leaping from the cumhole. My belly and the tuft of hair around my cock are soaked by the time the last drop is milked.

I scoop some of it and slurp it down. Like not-quite-ripe melon. A good start before breakfast. I smear it along my chest and face, licking more as I go. With the rest I smother my cock and balls.

In the shower I wash them gratefully, knowing that with a start like this, the rest of the day has to be great as well.

rubbing_it 57M
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4/5/2006 5:33 pm

Thanks for the help - now I have cum all over the computer desk - guess i have to clean it up...

lovejoyman15 58M

4/5/2006 9:02 pm

Hey -- no problem. Would love to help at any time

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