My First Swingers Experience  

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3/13/2006 10:33 pm
My First Swingers Experience

Talk about an experience. This actually happened about 3 years ago, but is one of those life changing moments that you don’t forget. For those of you that don’t know swinging is a life style for consenting adults that are open to meet others for sexual fun. There are a couple of clubs in Atlanta that you can experience swinging as well as some private groups that are out there.

I found out about swinging from a bi female friend of mine. She had come across this club on the internet and wanted me to take her. She told me about it and of course, I felt it was my civic duty to check it out with her. I researched the spot on the net and found it to be as intriguing as she made it sound. Unfortunately for her, I didn’t end up going with her my first time.

Innocently enough, I went on a date with a woman. Picked her up at her house, and when I got there she had her bible on her table and told me that her family sings gospel music back in her hometown. And I was like ok, this should be interesting. She was new intown, so I decided to take her out dancing and for drinks. So we hit a spot in Buckhead.

For some reason, the club was extremely white and was playing a lot of weak music. So after a few drinks and a little dancing, we decided to leave. As we walk to the car my date makes the comment, you know Atlanta has some interesting places here. And I am like what do you mean? She says that her girlfriend told her about this spot that you can go to and do whatever you want. So of course I die laughing. And say you mean Caligula? And she says yea have you ever been, and I told her how my female friend had just told me about it. So anyway, we laugh it off and keep on talking.

We get to the car and she is like where are we going next? And at this point I have no idea. She decides to take a nap while I am driving. So I am driving around Atlanta trying to decide where we are going next. Comedy Club? nah. Another regular Club? nah. Oh, what about Caligula? she didn’t say she wasn’t down with checking it out. I think to myself, hell lets run it and see what happens.

So I drive to the spot and at the time it was in a warehouse district in downtown Atlanta off of Marietta Street. You never would have guessed anything was in this building let a long a club. I wake her up and say come on lets go. And she looks around and says lets go where? So I told her, we are at Caligula. She is like bullshit, stop lying. lol So I tell her again and she finally decides to get out of the car. We go to the door and its something out of a movie. The door has no doorknob and a fucking sliding peephole to look out of. I ring the doorbell and the peep holes opens, then the door opens.

We go in, a nice looking female is at the door. We pay for our membership and go in (the clubs are set-up as fraternal organizations, so memberships are required). We walk in and there is a huge bar, but no one is sitting there and no bartender. As we keep walking, we are like where is everyone. We get to the end of the bar and there is a room with a faint light flickering out the crack of the door. So I walk in and my mouth hits the floor. And I say “oh shit!”. lol And my date is behind me so she can’t see and she is like what? She pushed me out of the way and says “oh shit!” lmao

In this room, there were about 20 couples on the floor on mattresses fucking. Now it wasn’t an orgy. But, there were couples doing each other and right next to them would be another couple doing their thing to. So we look at each other and try to figure out if we are suppose just jump in or what. We ease our way out of the room and another couple is standing there and we ask them if that was it and they laugh and tell us that the main part of the club was up stairs.

So we go up stairs and there was a bar at the top of the steps. We look at each other and figure we would need to have a few drinks to get us through the night. Well guess what, this club didn’t serve liquor or beer. They had plenty of non-alcoholic beverages, but nothing to really get you through such an interesting evening. As we sit at the bar, up comes a heavyset black guy and he looks at me and says, my wife really would like to be with your wife. He then points to his wife who happens to be as big as him and we look at each other not knowing what to say. He then says, I am sorry, are you guys new? And we are like yes we are. So he explains the workings of the club and starts to walk off, and then says if you guys are interested later, we will be here. We turn and look at each other and bust out laughing.

We decide to take a tour of the club. There are porns playing on TVs and a big screen with a porn. There were several private rooms, a few rooms with multiple mattresses that were voyeur rooms. There was a bondage table. Also a wall with handcuffs, where there was this gorgeous black female handcuffed to the wall while her husband fondled and played with her. This white female stopped by and begged the husband to her eat his wife and he obliged. It was starting to get a little warm in the place.

We go into this other room and it was two full sofas and one love seat. On the two sofas were these two white couples having sex. Since the love seat was open, we decided to take a seat and watch the show. Not sure about you, but watching that got us pretty worked up, so next thing you know, I had my date’s pants off and I was on my knees eating her pussy.

I ate her pussy for about 10 mins and then I look up and I see two hands squeezing on her breast (Which she had great breast). I turn around and say “what the fuck!” And the two guys jump back and begin to apologize. I turn back around and my date is there with a stunned look on her face. Part of the rules of the club is don’t do without asking. Turns out, my date thought it was me squeezing her breast, because her eyes were shut while I was eating her. The guys kept apologizing and then left. My date seemed more surprised than anything. She gets dressed and we leave the room.

We walk around and become voyeurs for awhile until we sat down on this couch in the main room, when the gorgeous woman that was handcuffed to the wall and her husband come over and sit next to us. We start to chat with them and find out that they are from Chicago and had been married for 7 years. The two guys started talking shit to the two ladies and they talk a little back. Next thing you know, we are on our knees in the middle of the room, eating both of them on this sofa. Now my date was straight and his wife was bi. The guys wife made a move and started feeling on my dates breast (did I mention she had great breast). As we kept eating them they went from touching to kissing. It was a hot scene.

Then without a word spoken, me and the husband take a break look at each other and without saying a word we switched up. I start to eat his gorgeous wife and he starts to eat my date. We start back talking shit to them and go to work. They both stop fondling each other because they both start to cum back to back from us eating them. This goes on for about 20 mins. We stop and the wife stands up with me and pulls my dick out and starts to stroke it.

In my mind, I am like damn. This is hot as shit. As soon as she gets on her knees and puts my dick in her mouth, a voice comes over the intercom as announces the club is closing. She sucked me for about two more minutes before we were asked to leave the club. As the four of us walk down the stars, both of them almost have to be carried, their legs were weak from cumming so hard.

We get outside and exchange our good byes and I take my date home. We both couldn’t believe what had happened. I drop her off and got home and couldn’t sleep for shit. I was so blown away that I was like a kid on Christmas eve. I laid in the bed and masturbated thinking about all that I saw and enjoyed. It was an experience that everyone should have. Even if you don’t go as far as we did, or if you want to go further. I called my date the next morning and she was still in shock as I ways. Oh by the way, did I mention that it was our very first date?

One of the great things about that experience was that people didn’t care what you were doing as long as you didn’t infringe on what they were doing. It was a very freeing moment. All of your senses were worked and pleased.

That was a fun night to remember. Was that hot or what?

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