My First Real Domination and submission Experience  

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3/13/2006 10:38 pm

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My First Real Domination and submission Experience

This is an interesting entry for me. I have hesitated writing this, because this was an on the edge experience for me. I have over the last 1 or 2 years had thoughts about the whole BDSM lifestyle or D/s Domination and Submission. I had read articles about it, gone to some sites that had stories about people’s experiences and some of it really intrigued me. Now some of it was way out there for me, but to each their own.

I had actually met a female on Black Planet that was into the lifestyle pretty heavily and she was kind enough to let me pick her brain. She was a female Domme and had a stable of servants, which in it self was intriguing. But she encouraged me to check out one of the alternative D/s personals site, so I did and ended up creating a profile. Was pretty disappoint as there were not a lot of sisters. And the ones that were in the lifestyle were Domme (dominant females, Dom = dominant male). And I am very much a Dom male. So I didn’t see much that I liked.

After about a month on the site I finally see a profile of a black female that is a sub. We email for a few days and then talk on the phone. Now I haven’t really done any real D/s stuff. I have played around spanking a little and things like that. I did have my birthday servant. But, to really have a “scene” (a scene is basically when people who are not living a 24/7 D/s relationship, switch from their regular “vanilla” ways to become their respective D/s roles). She had had some interesting experiences, but was recently in a 4 year “vanilla” (regular male / female no kinky stuff) relationship and had been missing the fantasies she had.

Now most of the females that were on the site were looking for experienced Doms. I am not one but play one on TV. lol So I told a little white lie and said that I had had a little over a year of experience in the lifestyle.

Anyway, me and the female decide to meet. We will call her Ms sub. She was an attractive, dark complexioned female. Has an MBA and is an accountant. So she is not some cluck head. We meet at her place and I was pleasantly surprised because she was more attractive in person. Imagine that. lol That night we talked a little and got to feel each other out. She agreed that she wanted to be my sub, so we talk and set up a time to hook up for our first scene two days later.

Here comes the interesting part. Now, I will preface all of this by saying, that everything that happens from this point forward, were things that I had talked to her about and she said she had done and was comfortable doing.

I tell her to meet at her door naked. I walk in and she greets me with a hello and looking very nervous. I ask her is she ready to serve me and she answers “yes sir”. We walk into her living room area. The time I came over before she made me take off my shoes in that area. She is one of those people that don’t like people walking on the carpet with shoes on. So I intentionally walk on the carpet with my shoes on to see if she would say anything. She didn’t. I sit on the sofa and make her kneel in front of me (I am in Dom mode from this point on so just read and keep that in mind). I tell her, do you remember telling me to take my shoes off before. She answers, Yes sir. I tell her, don’t you ever tell me to do that again. I run this shit and will walk where ever I want with my shoes on and if I get the carpet dirty just clean it up. I then take off my sandals and tell her to lick the dirt off of them to make sure they were clean enough to walk on her fucking carpet. I made her lick both sandals and she did so.

I stand up and make her come bend over the edge of the sofa. I then spank her with my sandals, telling her that if she was ever out of line with me again, that she would get more punishment like this. Everytime I would spank her, she would let out a little wimper. I brought with me a leather belt and started to spank her with the belt. Then I tie her arms behind her back with the belt. We go back to the sofa and she kneels in front of me with her hand bound behind her. I then pull my dick out and make her suck it. Since she cant use her hands, I grab her head and make her try to deep throat my dick. She can’t do it and starts to gag on it. As I am forcing her head back and forth on my dick I am pulling her hair and telling her how good of a little slut dick sucker she is.

After she sucks my dick for awhile, I make her go stand in the corner facing the wall with her hands still tied behind her. I make her stand there for a few minutes as I sit down and watch television. I then get up and go over to her and untie the belt from her wrist. Pull her by her hair and tell her to go lay in the middle of the floor in the kitchen. I make her lay flat on her back with her arms straight by her side. I let her lay there for a few with anticipation of what I was going to do next. I also had to get my head right, because I had never went where I was about to go. I come in and out of the kitchen and stand over her just looking at her naked body on the floor, making her wait in anticipation with her eyes clothes. Then she says to me, “sir may I speak?”. I tell her to go ahead. “She says I am not sure what you plan on doing to me, but I just did my hair and have a big meeting in the morning, sir”. I tell her I don’t give a fuck about that, that’s not my fucking concern. Then I tell her not to bother me with trivial shit like that.

She looked so helpless. I then stand over her and give her a golden shower all over her breast and down to her pussy. Yes, that type of Golden shower. I had never done that before, and it blew my mind. It didn’t turn me on, but to be able to do it was crazy. Now as I mentioned before, she said she had it done once before and was ok with it. It took me forever to do it, I just couldn’t make myself. It was like being at the doctor and them asking you to pee in the cup. It never works when they first ask you. I could feel butterflies as I stood over her. Once it started, it was a mind trip. I was mindful about her hair, I was in Dom mode, but I am not that cruel.

After that I told her to get up and clean up. But, I made her clean the kitchen floor before she could clean herself off. I made her get on her hands and knees and scrub the floor like a maid. When she told me she was done, I made her get back on the floor and smell it to be sure it was clean. Then allowed her to go take a shower. As she ran upstairs you could see her back and ass was still wet from the shower.

She came back down after showering and believe it or not had this shy smile on her face. I made her lie on the floor in front of me and I put my feet on her as I watched the game. We then went up stairs into her office and I made her show me some of her porns. While sitting in her chair, I noticed a smirnoff Ice bottle that was empty. I asked her how long it had been there and she told me she drank it before I came because she was nervous. Once she got one of her porns playing on her computer, I made her bend over next to me and spread her ass. I then used the smirnoff ice bottle and fucked her with it. I started spanking her ass as I was doing it. When I stopped doing it, the bottle had her cream all over the lip. I put the bottle down and made her go stand in the corner.

I kept watching some of her porn collection and when my dick got hard again, I made her come over and lick my balls while I sat in her chair and watched the porn. As she was licking my balls I put on a condom and made her get up and ride my dick with her back to me. I grabbed her by her hips and bounced her hard as I could on my dick until I exploded with a very strong orgasm. I made her take off my condom and lick my dick clean of my cum. I told her how good of a little slut she was and that I was pleased with her. She smiled at me and asked if she could go clean up again. I told her yes.

When she went into the bathroom to clean up, I left without saying a word.

I called her a few hours later to see if she enjoyed the scene and she said that she had masturbated twice thinking about what had happened.

Now I know I am going to hear a lot from people about this entry. So let’s do a post entry summary. Yes, all of this did happen and yes, just like I wrote it. In fact, I left out some of the things I called her. And no it didn’t turn me on the give the golden shower, but the opportunity presented itself so I went for it. I doubt if I would ever do it again, but I did experience it. Now, I do not claim to understand the mind of a submissive woman. I don’t really get the connection of wanting to be humiliated and degraded. But, yes, those were things that she wanted to happen and agreed to it. And she did enjoy it. For her she says that she enjoys it more after than actually when everything happens because she likes thinking about what was done to her and masturbating thinking about it. The only thing she complained about was that the scene lasted a little over 2 hours. She said it was too long for her, but she loved all of it.

Now as far as being in the Dominant role in that scenario. It can be thrilling. To have that type of power and control is something way different. I have a pretty dominant personality, but to be that controlling over a person is on a totally different level. And Ms sub is not a submissive person in regular life. She can be very demanding person to those around her.

Well that’s my story. It was a pretty busy week actually, the night before this happened I had a 3 some with two females. It was fun, but this story took the cake. I really look forward to hearing what you guys think. Have you ever had thoughts of doing anything like that and if so, would you be a Dom or a sub?

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