Bring it in with a Bang!  

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3/20/2006 11:16 pm

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Bring it in with a Bang!

This New Years Eve I had one of those, marathon, feels so good, don’t want it to stop, but I am going to pass out sexual experiences. Me and a friend that I met about a month before New Year’s Eve had been talking about what to do that night. We both seemed to be feeling each other out about our plans. You know how it goes, its New Year’s Eve so you want to be doing something great with someone that is cool. You don’t want to be in a lame ass situation. lol Do people say lame any more? Lol The past few years I usually bringing in the New Year at church at watch night service. But, December was a rough month business wise and I was ready to blow of a little steam and party a little.

We will call this friend Ms Bee. Ms. Bee was cool, we had hung out as well as had an intimate encounter that was pretty hot, but we still didn’t really know each other. Neither of us was at each other seriously, but we had fun talking on the phone and could relate to each other. For a few days the week before New Years Eve we would exchange invites to parties with each other to keep each other abreast of what was going on in the city. Finally I break down about 2 days before and ask her if she wanted to hang out that night. I explained to her that, I usually didn’t commit that early (2days) because I am usually still wavering between which event and who I wanted to deal with.

I told her I could tell she was feeling me out and that we were in the same boat, but lets choose a party and just have a blast. She laughed, because I had pegged out what she was doing and that we were both thinking the same thing.

I had received an email from a friend of mine that host different events a few times a year. This event was going to be at a great new restaurant in downtown Atlanta. The restaurant had actually been an old renovated classic looking home. But, before it was the restaurant, a friend of mine had his law practice there, so I was very familiar with the place. The party would include a four-course meal, DJ, dancing, open bar for about 3 hours, party favors and the whole nine. The icing on the cake was that my friend was having a little “after party” of the party for a select group of hand picked people. The after party was going to be a, do what you want, if you feel freaky get with it party. When I told Ms. Bee about this, she was all for it. In fact she seemed more hyped about the after party than the actual New Years Eve party.

The day comes, I go pick up Ms. Bee she comes out looking very nice in a black dress, hair done nicely and smelling good. I had put in one request with her about her attire and she obliged. I requested that she didn’t wear any panties. So when she sits down in the car, I pull her dress back, which was somewhat short any way, and what do I see, but a nice pretty kitty. She also, brought a goody bag with her for the after party. A bag of toys! Things are starting out so lovely. Lol

We get to the restaurant and the place is done up very well, we go to the bar and get some drinks, then mingle a bit. The crowd is a nice intimate one of about 150 or so people. We go, to our reserved table and we have a great dinner. The food was off the chain and conversation was good with the other people at our table.

After dinner its getting close to midnight, so we get a couple more drinks and head to the dance floor. By this time, we both have had 3 Grey Gooses and Red bulls. So we are feeling festive to say the least. We do quite a bit of dancing and touching and feeling. My hand slides under her dress a few times and she is very very very hot. We do a midnight toast and hang around for awhile. She is ready for the after party. She keeps wanting to know when it’s going to start and when we are leaving. lol She is ready to really party. We go upstairs and she needs to go to the ladies room and there is a line. So we are waiting near a stair well at the line kind of cuddled up in a corner. My back is leaning up against the wall and she is leaning on me facing me. I start to finger her pussy while we are waiting and she has her hand rubbing my dick through my suit pants. This sexy female comes up and starts talking to us. And she looks down and says, “damn, don’t stop because of me, hell I wish it was me”. lol So we bust out laughing the bathroom becomes open.

When she goes in to handle her business, I go ask about the after party and our gracious hostess seems to be pretty tied up with settling everything with the restaurant. It doesn’t look like the after party is going to be going on anytime soon and its about 2 am. So, I go back and get Ms Bee and tell her the deal. She is very disappointed, but is ready to head back to my place. We leave and get in the car and the fun really begins.

As I help her in the car (SUV), she swings her legs up and I see her pussy. I grab the other leg before she can get it up and start to eat her pussy right there in the parking lot. Door open and all. I get a good taste for about 5 mins and go get in on the other side. We pull out of the parking lot and before we get going good she pulls her dress back and puts her feet up on the dashboard. I start finger her while driving as we pass by quite a few people out celebrating. I tell her that she better continue so I can get us home. She does and puts on a very tasty show for the ride home.

We get to my place about 3 am and go get undressed. I ask her what she had in her goodie bag and she tells me a vibrator, dildo, anal beads and some lube. So I am like, ok I can work with that. I had been wanting to use some anal beads on someone anyway. Was always curious to what effect they would have on a woman. I love eating pussy, so I went to work on Ms Bee. I don’t know if it was my skills or her playing with herself in the car, but Ms Bee started cumming very quickly.

I continue to eat her for awhile then, I pull out her vibrator and start using it one her. Changing the speeds from high to low. Pushing it in deep, sometimes fast and slow. Really exploring her to see what responses I would get. She seem to really enjoy my exploration. I then start sucking on her clit as I had the vibrator in her and then she really started cumming hard. Her body was convulsing from head to toe. It was really turning me on. I then tell her to get on all fours as and I pull out the anal beads with the lube. She tells me that she has used them, but not much.

Ms Bee’s ass looked incredibly hot when she was in the doggy position. I start fingering her ass and lubing it at the same time. Then I slowly inserted the anal beads. She had the kind that are plastic and are like a plastic stick (about 7 or 8 inches) with the balls going from small to larger about ever ½ inch or so. At the end of the beads, it has a ring at the end so you can pull them back out. I pushed the beads in her ass as far as I could, then told her to turn over onto her back. I then started back eating her pussy. As she started to cum again, I simultaneously began easing the anal beads out of her ass. She started having an almost continuous orgasms. Everytime a bead would slide out, she would almost reach an orgasm. I was loving it.

We repeated this about 2 more times with similar results. I then took it one more step further. I inserted the anal beads, then I put the vibrator in her pussy. So you can visualize, this is how it was working. I had my right hand on top of her body on her pubic area, using that thumb to push in the vibrator. If I moved my thumb back the vibrator would slide out some, so it was an easy in and out motion going on with that hand. My left hand was position under her as, with my other thumb placed in side the ring at the end of the anal beads. Her ass was at the edge of the bed and I was kneeling on the floor. She was holding her legs back. So with the vibrator on high and the anal beads in, the only thing to do now was to eat her pussy right? Of course! Lol I begin eating her pussy and sliding the vibrator in and out. Ms Bee is going crazy and its driving me crazy. As she starts to cum again from all the action, I hold the vibrator in with my right hand and start slowly sliding the anal beads out with my left. She can barely take the orgasms as she raises the lower half of her body off of the bed from cumming so hard.

We tried that one more time and it was just as great as the last orgasm she had. She was loving every bit of it. After seeing the anal beads come out of her ass, it made me want to try anal with her. I asked if she was cool and at that point, I think I could have asked for anything, because she agreed without hesitation. I lube her up some more and try and try and try, but the ass was not a very willing participant. So I give up, put on another condom and insert her vaginally. As I am doing her doggy style I use the vibrator to stimulate her ass. It drives her crazy. We then switch positions and go to missionary, where I give her all she can take with deep long strokes that touch the bottom every time. Man it was feeling so good, she was squeezing her pussy everytime I pulled back to stroke in.

At some point I start to feel tired and begin to realize the time, I pull out and pull off the condom and ask Ms Bee to hook me up orally. And hook me up she did, she started sucking and stroking my dick at the same time and then let me cum all in her pretty mouth. Man oh man was that a strong orgasm. I look at the clock and its damn 6:20. We had been going at it for a little over 3 hours. Not to mention all the dancing we had done at the party. We sleep for about 2 hours and then I take her home so she can get to a family breakfast. I went home and took my ass to sleep.

This was one New Years Eve that was fun from start to finish. Thanks Ms Bee, had a blast! Not sure if the after party could have topped that one. If 05′ is anything close to way it was brought in, look out!

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