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4/1/2006 8:43 am

Ok, it’s 4:08 am as I start to write this and I have to be at the new job at 9. When I came home today I was tired from a week where I had not gone to bed like normal people do with normal working hours. I stayed my ass up to at least 2 am every night this week like I am still making my own hours. So needless to say, I didn’t plan on doing much this Friday night. . Not to mention I had a couple of drinks. I even told someone that I was laying low.

As I was browsing the net minding my own business, someone popped up on my IM that I hadn’t talked to in awhile. We will call her Ms Les. Ms Les is a self professed lesbian that openly admits she likes dick on occasion. When we met she made it perfectly clear that she couldn’t have a committed relationship with a man, because she had to have some pussy. On the other hand she felt very comfortable being able to commit and be in a relationship with a woman.

When we met she had just gotten out of a rough relationship with a female police officer. I was attracted to her, but not really. It was something there that wasn’t clicking. So, we never really followed up with each other except the occasional hello on IM. I think I had sent her an invite to the last party I went to, but she didn’t make it. Oh, she used to be a skripper. lol She isn’t in top flight skripper form, but you can see where she probably did well working that pole.

Anyway, we are shooting the shit, and we are both like man it was a long week. Then she said that she needed to make a run to the liquor store as well as pick up a porn. I started laughing and tell her I could hook her up. As I started to download her a couple of flicks, she says that her mom had asked her if she needed her to baby sit, but she didn’t have anywhere to go. So good ole FGM says, well hell if that’s the case, fuck downloading these porns, lets make our own porns. She starts to laugh and is like dude, you live way too far. Are you worth it? Now I love a challenge or any sort of questioning of my skills regardless of what it is. So I tell her that I was really in a pussy eating mood (which I was) and I told her that I would love to fuck her in her phat ass (lol exact words).

She is like, now that sounds like a plan, but I have to drive to Stone Mountain to drop my son off and then come way out to the west side of town where you are. Long story short, she calls her mom and she agrees to baby sit and she heads my way. Now why did I ask her to come over and my house is a mess. So instead of getting my much needed rest, now I am making a mad dash to clean up my master bedroom and bath.

She gets here about 10 mins. to 12 am. We sit down have a drink and catch up on small talk. Then I asked her if she got a chance to see the flicks that I sent her. she said she hadn’t. So off we go into my old office, where I had brought my computer up and had it set up so we could check out some of the flicks. All of my porns are on my hard drive and my office is not the most romantic spot, but the old office in my house has a great comfortable futon.

We watch a couple of short scenes and then I put on one with Cherokee (she is a relatively new porn start with this huge ass). She is like damn, how did she get in those pants. I come back with, I don’t know but let me see you stand up. She stands up and I spank her ass a couple of times. Then I say, you might as well get out of these jeans. So, I help her pull off her jeans to expose a very nice size ass. Then she sits back next to me. I have on some shorts and no underwear, so I grab her hand and put it on my dick. I am thinking we will warm up with some touching. She is like damn, I didn’t notice this and then pulls the YM out and starts to suck on it.

I am like well shit, let’s get with it. She may have been here all of 20 mins, which was cool with me. lol I am sitting normally on the futon and she has gotten on her knees next to me leaning over my lap. So her ass is in the air. I start to finger her pussy while she is sucking my dick.

After a few minutes of her sucking me, I tell her to stop so I can eat the pussy. In my mind, I am thinking ok, I need to represent since she normal gets down with women only. I get on my knees and pull her to the edge of the futon. So I am doing my thing on the kitty and she is moaning, then I feel her thick ass thighs start to clinch on my head. So I grab her thighs so she can’t go anywhere and go to town on the pussy. Next thing you know, I hear the 5 words I love to hear “I am about to cum!” And cum she did. She started shaking and trembling. I just love that shit.

So after that I pull the futon out into a bed and then go get my condoms and a good ole vibrator. When I get back, she is completely naked with some 38Ds that have some sexy ass nipples, just lying there looking ready. We both laugh at her naked state and I pull off my clothes. She grabs my dick as I walk over to her and starts sucking. I lay her down on her back while she is still sucking and move into a 69 position and start to eat her.

As we are going at it, I decide to finger her ass. When I inserted my finger in her ass, she responded like she really was enjoying the feeling. Then I start to lick her ass. After a few minutes, I stop and I ask her if she mind if I used my vibrator on her. She was like cool. Like a little kid.

I pull out the vibrator and slide a condom on it (I always wash it, but still keep it covered). I get back down on my knees and pull her to the edge of the futon. I lick her pussy some and then her ass. Then I slide the vibrator into her ass. It went in, without any major struggle, which was a good sign to me. So, its about half way in and I start to eat her pussy. As I am eating her pussy she starts to grind her hips to the rhythm of my tongue. As she is grinding, I am sliding the vibrator in her ass deeper everytime.

After about 5 mins she starts to moan about how deep the vibrator was in her ass and how good it felt. As I hear that, I intensify my pussy eating and try to make her explode. Right on cue, Ms Les gives me a strong orgasms. One of those good “oh fuck, oh fuck, I am cumming” orgasms. lol

After she cums, she sits up and tells me that she had never cum from a toy in her ass before. So I smile and told her that I was glad she enjoyed. At the same time, I am slipping on a condom for the YM. I ask her if she was cool to give the YM a try in the ass and she didn’t say a word. She just got doggy style and put her ass in the air. Gotta love it. It so pretty seeing a nice ass bent over at you. The futon was a great height for good doggy style.

I position her with her knees right at the edge of the bed, then I tell her to spread her cheeks. As she did that, I leaned over and started to lick her ass. Once I felt she was ready I stopped and put the tip of the YM in the ass. As I ease it in, she is moaning for joy saying how good it felt. I am thinking, oh this is going to be fun.

I am taking it slow, but she is fucking me back pretty good. As the dick gets into her ass, I can tell she is comfortable so I start to pick up the pace. Then I hear her say fuck me harder. So, I grab her by her hips and go to work. I am fucking her ass like a pussy and she is loving every damn minute of it. One of the down falls of anal sex typically is that guys don’t last as long as they do with regular sex.

So I am fucking her in the ass doggy style and its feeling great. You hear me. GREAT. She is moaning how good it feels and so am I. After about 10 mins I can tell the YM is ready to cum. So I start to change the pace a little to regain my composure. Usually once I can hold back that first urge to cum, I can hold it off for awhile. It was a good thing, because right after I got re-adjusted, she is begging me not to stop. She tells me she is about to cum. So I am like cum for Daddy baby (lol the Dom lingo comes out lol). Sure enough she cums on my dick. But, she keeps pushing her ass back to me as she is shaking from cumming.

Sometimes I would push her head and upper body down and fuck her, some times I would let her work the ass on the dick and then other times I would just grab her hips and go as deep as I could. She cums for me at least 6 times while I am in her ass in about 25 mins. The last time, she collapsed to the bed and is like damn. So I am talking to her, standing up changing condoms.

I pull her to the edge of the bed missionary style with her legs spread eagle. I start to go to work. I am literally pile driving the pussy. Dick coming out to the tip and then bam back into the pussy. After a few, I feel the nut about to cum, so I ask her if I can cum (some shit I have done for a minute, in case she is close to cumming I will try to hold back until she gets hers). She gave me the ok and I pull out and rip off the condom and shoot cum all over her stomach. That shit felt so damn good.

We leave the office and come to my bedroom and lay on my bed. After we talk for a few, she decides to suck my dick. In my mind, I was cool with the great session we had. It lasted about an hour, I had a big orgasm and she had to have had about 8 between anal and oral. So I ask her if she was trying to go for round two. She said that “My mind says yes, but my body says no.” Then she says get me another drink and lets see what happens.

I pour her another drink, and I tell her to come back into the office. The futon was a great height to put in work. I tell her to get back into doggystyle and commence to going deep in her ass. She was loving every minute of it. She started cumming very soon this time. While I was still in side her, I made her lay flat on her stomach and started fucking her that way. I got in even deeper, and it was driving her crazy. We go at it for a good 30 more minutes. We take a break and are talking. I asked her if she had tried anal in the missionary position. She said she hadn’t, so I ask her what she was waiting on, assume the position. That felt very good, but the YM is starting to loose some of its punch. When she came this time from missionary, it pushed the YM out of the ass.

Then I convince her to ride my dick in her ass. I had never done that before and had always wanted to. She was very hesitant, but I convinced her it was cool and that she would be in control. So I put both feet on the ground and got to the edge of the futon and she got between my legs facing away from me and sat on the dick. That felt so good. After doing that, we did it doggy for a few minutes and then just passed out. We literally both laid there and started snoring. lol After a 15 minute power nap. We get up and she headed home.

We chit chat as she is getting dressed. I ask her did she enjoy herself. She said that she did, but had never cum that much before. She said she couldn’t believe that she could take my dick in her ass and on top of that, how it felt so good she wanted me to fuck her in the ass all night. She couldn’t believe how much she came from anal. She even said she thinks she has a new preference over regular sex. I have to say, it was good. That was the first time that I have ever been able to just fuck the ass however I wanted, soft or hard, fast or slow. It drove her crazy. She literally came from anal about 12 to 15 times. We both lost count. We parted ways with a kiss and a promise to do it again soon. Now that was an anal experience. The YM put in some serious work. Have to give a shot out to the tongue to. They are a serious one-two punch.

It is now 5:32 am. I am too tired to spell check and edit this entry. But, I am going to post it anyway. I will edit it, when I get in from the job. So ignore any typos, I am exhausted. But believe it or not I am going to masturbate right now before I go pass out thinking about what just happened. Catch you guys later.

Note: This was originally written October 2005.

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