Four Letter Words...  

lost_boy74 43M
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7/12/2005 12:52 am

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Four Letter Words...

Rememeber when you were growing up, and you would slip up and curse in front of your parents. They would always tell you that you should never use those foul words, and would proceed to maybe wash your mouth out with soap.

I remember some of the words too:

Shit; damn; hell; piss and the grand-daddy of them all...FUCK!

However, I realized that LOVE is a for letter word, but we never got in trouble for saying it. Why is that?

I mean of all the four letter words out there, 'love' is probably the worst. Think about it, saying all the other four letter words only shock and offend, but 'love' makes someone feel good until things are ended. Then love hurts like hell. Hearts get broken when love is gone, but how many people are saddened by their shit leaving?

Just thought I'd toss this thought out there.

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