warmer weather fun  

lookingmaybecali 60M
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5/11/2006 5:52 am
warmer weather fun

I love the warm weather. Ladies wearing revealing clothes is my favorite part of warm temps. Saw a girl of about 18 or 19 the other day with a tank top on. She had what looked like a hicky on her right breast.
I want to be a nudist, but my wife so far wont agree to it and I don't want to leave her out. Even in the winter I like to be naked around the house when I am alone or just have the wife home. I would like to be naked outside. I plan on a tall fence so I can go into my back yeard and take my clothes off. I have to wait a couple more years to do this. My kids will all be out of the house then.
Maybe this summer I can get the wife to go to Laguna Del Sol for a day. I tried last year and it didn't work.

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