Listen people.  

lookingmaybecali 60M
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4/22/2006 2:15 pm
Listen people.

Hey friends, family and just the random visitor. This is my first installment to my blog and I have no idea what I am doing
I have found most people on here are nice and accepting of me. The women do seem to get upset that I am here without my wife, but I am not looking for extra-marrital relations. I am looking for friends that have like ideas and can tell me things that work for them.
My wife is not as open as I am and I am not as open as some of you. I like the fact that I can remain private but still have conversations about sex and other things many don't understand like we do.
Basiclly I am on AdultFriendFinder for frinds and advise.
I am not a good story teller so don't look to me for exciting revelations about my sex life. I do have fantasies and needs but I have a hard time expressing them. Maybe as time goes on I will be better at this, but for now You will have to accept what I can offer

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