Post #3: I Am the AFF Curmudgeon, but Am Still A Happy Guy  

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Post #3: I Am the AFF Curmudgeon, but Am Still A Happy Guy

For those of you who read my first posts, thank you. You know that I am the AdultFriendFinder curmudgeon and am cynical about a lot of the ladies on this site. Still, I am optimistic that I will find a good friend, just one.

Well, I got back two poison-filled e-mails from ladies who read my first post. Not what I was hoping for, but it is what I expected.

One was from a lady who calls herself "...dirty cumslut...", and the other calls herself, "...assgal....", (handles have been truncated). Both wanted to drop by and tell me what a louse I am because I am married and looking.

Let me just say this; Not every married guy on this site is a maniac, who is simply looking to get laid. Some of us are here because things have happened in our lives and marraiges, that we didn't expect, and we find ourselves alone.

About six years back, my wife did everything she could to destroy us as a couple, (running around with a convicted drug dealer; leaving every night after the kids were put to bed and coming home in the early morning; visiting him in jail after he violated his parole, giving him our money, etc.) As you can imagine, the situation was horrific. But we're raising two terrific kids together, and while I find myself estranged from her, I am not willing to go the divorce route and ruin our kids. Neither is she. We actually function very well as a family and she's a terrific mom.

These days the dealer is gone, but now she's fooling around with a new guy. But I have come to terms with who she is and what we are; Two caring parents, raising two great kids...that's it. She wants sex from me, but I'm no longer interested. Someday, I'll tell you about what sex was like with her. But, I'll save that for a day when I feel like being kicked in the boys. LOL.

Back to the rant.

For some reason though, because I seek friendship and contentment, because I am a "married cheater" I am unworthy of attention from women on this site. This, in spite of the fact that I constantly peruse profiles of married women, who seek honest guys. Maybe it's just me, but it seems like the mirror has two sides.

Recently, I took a site survey in which AdultFriendFinder asked for suggestions. I mentioned that it would be good to insist that female members occassionally reach out to guys instead of sitting back and waiting for guys to fill their in boxes -- say two e-mails per week. This way, ladies can see just how difficult it is to impress and would cut down on gratuitous e-mailing from guys. It's just a thought, and remember, I am a curmudgeon.

So, there you go. You now know a little bit more about me...I'm just a normal, successful guy, looking for a friend. And even though my situation is not perfect I know that I am honest enough, and loyal to those I call friend.

I'll keep looking, and in the meantime, I will not replace my dick shot with a face shot. (If you want a photo of my face, I will happily attach one to an e-mail reply when you reach out). I will not, however, broadcast one on my profile and potentially disrupt my family. My wife knows no discretion, but I do.

Thanks for reading and have a great day.

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