Post #1: A General Rant Regarding the Scene  

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2/18/2006 11:24 pm

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Post #1: A General Rant Regarding the Scene

I really suck at this website. If this was a video game I would score zero. Really, zero. If this was a life or death competition with the other guys on the site, I'd be, well, somewhere in the cosmos.

I know it's me because somebody's got to be getting laid, what with 20 million members, but it sure isn't me. So, if I can't get laid here, at least I can do what I do best and that's being a wise-ass. Okay, so I suck, but what about 99% of the women here? Don't they suck too? I mean, we guys chase them around this virtual bar room, just like real life and they swat us away for whatever ridiculous reason. Amd maybe it's just the double standard and hypocrisy with which they conduct themselves. (I'm not worried I'll piss any of them off because I don't think any of them will read this. Hell, none of them read my e-mails.)

It really bugs me that all they have to do is show up and there's a line of horny small-heads waiting to pander and suck up like a litter of kittens on mom's tits. Why should we have to do all the chasing? And why do I say that? Because I have been a member of this site, on and off, for over four years and have never been approached by a woman. But, again, I suck so it's on me.

What is it that you women want a guy to say, when he comes calling? Why is it, we are so readily cast aside, without even the courtesy of a nicely worded rejection from you? Well, maybe it's because your all full of shit. Yes, I think that's it. You women accuse we men of being bullshit artists as a matter of fact, while the truth is, you all have raised it to a higher level than the Hubble telescope, on it's way to the other side of the universe.

Let's take your typical woman, who posts a pic and tells us how she's looking for a guy who will treat her with respect. Of course, she's posted a photo of herself, on her back with her feet pinned behind her ears and she's looking for respect. Her other photos are a close up of her pussy, that's so close, I think I can see the inside of her head; and a shot of her ass, higher and wider thatn a condor's wings at feeding time. This gal is looking for respect and if you guys should make the mistake of sending her a pic of your Johnson you are categorized as an asshole and cast aside. Many of these gals, I call them two-brainers because they live by a double-standard, get so frustrated they even tell us in their profile that they won't respind to guys who send cock shots. Thank you Ms. Einstein.

I really believe most women who come to this site are just looking for attention and never act on any approach. How many of these women do you think are actually husband and wife teams, where hubby does the posting and then jacks off while reading the replies about the Mrs.? A lot.
And if you are a horny woman, but do not intend to participate, why don't you just stick a banana up your ass in front of the mirror and be done with it? Spare us poor slobs, (I'm actually a TV professional, in good shape and and am clean d/d free), the time and trouble of chasing you ass, when there's no chance. I know, that would be too much to ask and you women never lie -- it's we guys who are the bs artists, remember?

Have you seen a lot of the women who webcam on this site? They have names like, "horny_mama", "sixtynine vixen", "miss wannacumalot69" and they sit in front of their computers, eating a gigantic bowl of something, with more clothing on than a mannequin in a Salvation Army store. Okay, thanks for a really hot time, uh, babe. Maybe if I didn't suck at this so badly, you would take off your coat or at least put down the bowl.

So, I really suck at this and I am an asshole. (Just go to my profile and look at my pic.) Maybe tomorrow I won't suck as badly. Or maybe, I won't be an, don't even...

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