Twice Bitten, Once Served  

lookingfrmrright 42F
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4/21/2006 6:21 am
Twice Bitten, Once Served

So, he pushed and pushed, and finally I broke. I could take no more...Did I mention he called me cunt at least 4 times a day near the "end"...Just a hateful man. Any way my lawyer had him served with papers yesterday. I tried to be reasonable..But He wanted to give me nothing for our house, no child support, no alimony, no health care..nothing. Basically he wanted to walk away free of all responsibility, and financial obligations. That doesn't work with me, so, he now gets to pay his attorney extra.

Enough about that...Slump is gone, I saw 3 gorgeous turkeys this morning, in a mating ritual. Incredible really. The male followed the females everywhere they went. He was puffed up, tail feathers fanned, head "cocked" back. Just brilliant, and he appeared to glide, it was truly amazing. He would stand in front of the ladies posing and when they would move to where ever they were (that part is pretty lame). He was clearly being judged, and it was refreshing to see that a male anything required such approval, and would go to such lengths to get it. All the men I have known, never gave it their absolute best ever. Not in the beginning, not the middle, nor the end. Anyway, I am a nature sucker. I love all things earth has given us to adore. Birds fish, animals, I just love watching them in their natural surround. I wish all of you a day full of "turkeys", and hope you also get to enjoy a little nature now and again...Til next time my friends....

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