Taking control  

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8/25/2006 8:52 am

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Taking control

I came home from work the other day and noticed the yard needed mowing. So as any man will do I walked in the front door and said, "Woman of the house, someone needs to mow grass." To which her reply was, mow it your damn self!!! I said, ether you mow it or I am. Now you decide! (I guess I told her.) LOL So when I finished with the lawn I walked in the house and exclaimed, "Woman of the house, I'm hungry!" In which she said, I ain't cookin' nuthin'. By this time I was pissed. I said either you fix me a sandwich or I'll fix it my self. (You women never learn.) So as I was making my sandwich I realized that I had lost control and couldn't find it anywhere. Turns out it was right in front of my nose. She found it for me, ON THE BOTTOMSIDE OF THE FRYING PAN!!! God that hurt!

Help me please!!!!!!!

Oh that little bitty teeny weeny thing we call the control thing. Nobody's ever seen it but it's got my butt in a sling. And it all started with a little bitty diamond ring. It's a little bitty teeny weeny thing we call the control thing.

Men take control, LOLOL (Like that's gonna happen)

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