How to Stimulate Nipples  

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How to Stimulate Nipples

Nipples. Just the word alone tweaks our interest. Some people can orgasm from nipple stimulation alone, and yet some see nothing erotic in these seemingly practical body parts. Whatever your view, be it arousal or pragmatic, nipples are right up there with the most fascinating bits on the human body.
The workings of the nipple:
The nipple is made up of a network of smooth muscles closely underlying the surface of the skin, which are packed nerve-endings that respond to temperature and touch. The nipple extends out to a ring of skin, pink to brown in color and 1-2 centimeters wide, which is called the areola.
The muscles underneath the skin contract when exposed to temperature changes, touch and arousal. The nipples fill with blood and get more sensitive the more intense your arousal becomes, but only to a point. As you approach orgasm the human body can tolerate much stronger stimulation.
Nipple erection happens when the tiny muscles on the areola and nipple contract. Those muscles are similar to the ones attached to hairs all over your body (responsible for the goose bump effect). Nipples become erect as a response to various stimuli like cold, rubbing against clothes, or nipple stimulation by hand.
Not all women's nipples become erect during sexual arousal. Nipple muscles contract because of the general muscular tension in your body during arousal, especially during orgasm. Hormones may also have something to do with it, but in any case nipple erection is not a phenomenon unique to sexual arousal, nor does it happen to everybody.
Sensitivity is not dependent on the size of the breast. Men can have just as much pleasure from getting their nipples stimulated as women do, although men sometimes stop themselves from getting aroused from nipple play, believing that it is a female only phenomenon.
How to approach those buds of pleasure:
Start Slow: The biggest mistake many people can make (Ok, men in particular) is to rush into biting or squeezing too hard right off the bat. Most people need a warm up period. Each person benefits from a variety of stimulation including anything from gentle caresses to painful biting. The last thing you want to do is to rush into biting hard on a person who likes to be gently caressed.
Stroke them: This is the time to figure out what your partner wants. Explore the whole breast with your hands by slowly beginning on the outer perimeter and then working your way to the nipple. When you make it to the nipple, start out gentle and watch for her reaction. If she seems like she'd rather be watching the "Weather Channel," increase the pressure and/or speed slightly. Use different parts of your hand, from your finger-tips to the palm. Even try the back of your hand for a feeling of smoothness. If you're stimulating her during intercourse and she's on top, you can just put your palms up to the tips of her nipples and as she moves up and down she'll get little palm caresses without much work.
Licking and Sucking: The mouth on the nipple is arousing for many different reasons. It is warm and wet, and the tongue is not only agile but can also be used in conjunction with the breath, the lips and the teeth.
Start out by breathing warm air onto the nipple. Explore it with your tongue. Appreciate the texture, size and shape of your partner's individual nipple.
Use the tip of the tongue to make little circles around the areola.
Use the flat of the tongue to give your partner more surface area.
Introduce the teeth lightly. Build up the pressure. Note: Watch the reaction of your partner. If she is pulling away, it might be too much stimulation.
Create a slight suction, building up if desired. The suction brings extra blood to the surface of the skin, making the nipple even more sensitive.
Turn it up: As the sexual tension builds, so can the pressure. You can do this with your fingers, your lips, your teeth or a toy. Intensify the stimulation gradually. Give a slight twist, pull, suck, poke, clamp or bring up the temperature.
Cold: Add ice chips/cubes to your nipple play. Watch them instantaneously create a nipple erection.
Heat: Let slightly heated wax drip onto the nipples. Along with the warmth and intensity, the hardened wax offers all sorts of sensations. Always test the heat of the wax before you start, because nipples have sensitive skin!

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