Sex slave (Part 2)  

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4/17/2006 8:49 pm
Sex slave (Part 2)

Well here is part 2 of my dream.. I hope you enjoy it.

You take my free hand & tie it back to the bed.You then stand up to leave the room,but as you pass by me,you stop.You straddle me,lefting my head & fucking my mouth.Shoving your flaccid engorge dick in as far as it will go.You feel my tongue frantically swirling around it.You hear me gaging,You stop & pull your hard cock out of my mouth.

Then you dismount & leave the room.Ashort time later,you return.You have a pair of scissors,a comb,some shaving cream,a razor & a erection & a smile.

"It's time for a hair cut,"you say."But,but.."You step up to the head of the bed,bend over & kiss me fully on the lips,gently the first time & even the second,but finelly forcing your tongue between my lips & into my mouth.

When you pulled away,I tryed to hold on to your tongue with my teeth,but I let it go.I stopped as you raised up staring into my (camilion)eyes.

"You are mine",you say."And you must be so branded".You tweaked my nipples & moved down below my navel.Beads of your saliva & my own pungent juices still accent some of my bush.

"In the old days,sex slaves used to be branded by their owners.Marked like cattle".You looked up & see a little fear in my eyes."While you have no intention of hurting or branding me,you are going to leave your mark in me."

You then take the scissors & cut away at the thick thatch between my legs.It is a full,untamed thatch of hair.And it is about time you took control of it.You keep trimming,first some here & then some there,starting to shape the hair around the cunt that is yours.

Another man might fuck it,but no man would own it & you like I would."How much"? I asked,raising my head up to try to see.

You shrug "Not all of it.Maybe not even most of it,but enough of it.You have beautiful pussy lips,particularly when they are engarged & you want to see them.You want your little sex slave to shave to show me she wants you with every glance,with every breath,with every puckered lip of her aching body".

By now you are massaging my swollen lips.My head drops back & my hips arch upward,& a few more drops of my lovely dew seeps out of my not completely branded pussy.

Part 3 (coming soon.)

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