Lunch date on Tuesday.  

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4/19/2006 1:03 am

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5/13/2006 3:58 pm

Lunch date on Tuesday.

I had a dream about this lunch date.I hope you enjoy it..I know I did.

I was sitting at my computer & my phone rang,it was you.All you had to say was "What are you doing??"A great big smile came across my face.My heart started to race when I heard your sexy voice.My mind started thinking about the times we were together & I started getting wet.

You asked me what was I doing?I told you thinking about you & missing your touch & my body was aching for your touch.I asked you what was you doing today?You told me that you had to run to different places during your lunch time.I asked you did you not want to meet for lunch?I really needed to see you today,i went the whole weekend without you.My body was aching for you.

You told me that you needed to run to your places.I told you I could not wait any more to see you,I needed your rock hard cock in my hot,tight,dripping wet pussy today.You told me it would have to be a quick fucking.I told quick is better than nothing.You told me to meet you at the same place we was at,at 1pm to 1:15pm.I told you ok .

I told you that I was going to wear my skirt,without anything under it,a shirt without a bra & no shoes.You told me that you wanted me you wanted me to wear a shirt that was a button down.I asked you why?You told me so you can rip it open.I told you fine.I wanted to see you get agreesave with me.I wanted to see that side of you.Not to worry about the shirt it will be a old one.

You told me to bring bob with me too.You was going to use bob on me.I told you ok.All I wanted was to be fucked by you so badly.It was close to 11:30am & we said our bye's & we hung up the phone.At 12pm I started getting ready. I went & took a shower & got out & got ready. The more I thought about you the more I got wet.Before I knew it I was so wet that I had to change my g-string before I left my house.

It was 12:50pm.I grabbed bob,a change of clothes & my shoes,keys & towel & out the door I went.I got in my mini van & off I went.Before I knew it I was half ways there & I took off my g-string.I had to towel off my really wet pussy 3 times before I got there.I was really excited to just see you.The closer I got to our place the wetter I got.I toweled off 1 more time before I got there.

I pulled up & you was already waiting there.You got out of your car & walked over to mine.You got into my mini van & got in the back.I got back there with you.I sat down & you gave me a kiss & then you ripped open my shirt & exposing my breasts.You started sucking on them.I put my arms around your head,pulling you closer to my breasts.It felt so good.You took them in your hands & you was licking my harden nipples,then you started sucking on them.You had me arching my back for more of you.

You touched my wet,hot pussy.You asked me how bad did I want you??I told you my pussy was dripping wet for your big rock hard cock to be fucking it right now..I looked at you deeply into your eyes. I lay back in the seat,you keep on rubbing my clit.I start to move my hips up & down,you tell me to let you know when I am about to cum.You ask me if I was getting close,you get a little faster & I start to breathe a little heavier as you got faster.I open my eyes to look at you before I cum.I start to mone & the next thing I knew I started to arch my back & I tell you not to stop.I was getting really close.Before I know it,I grab your hand & I scream out DON'T STOP!!! I'M CUMMING!!!!

You tell me to squirt & don't hold back.I squirt & you got so damn excited when I did.You then ask me where is bob?I tell you in my shoe.You get him out & you have a big smile on your face & a twinkel in your eyes & a huge rock hard cock in your pants.You tell me to lay back & just cum for you.I lay back,you asked me did I want bob to fuck my dripping wet pussy?I nodded my head yes.You put bob in to my pussy.You asked me what did I want you to do to me?I told you I wanted to see the agreesive side of you come out.

You gave me a smile & asked me was I sure about that?I told you yes I wanted to see it.Don't worry about me.You was affraid of hurting me & I told you I would let you know or I would tell you if you hurt me.You put bob in my wet pussy & I gasped for air when he went in.I looked at you when he went in,I told you to fuck my pussy!You asked me what did I want you to do to me?I told you what ever you wanted to do to me.You grinned.I told you to fuck my oh so dripping wet,very hot,very tight pussy!I opened my eyes & saw you licking your fingers.

You took bob out of my pussy & put him up my tight asshole.I gasped for air when he went in.You asked me was it hurting & I nodded my head no.I told you to fuck my pussy!I need it & I want it.You put your hand in my tight,wet pussy,when you did I really gasped for air.I arched my back in the air.I grabed the head rest,the faster you fucked my pussy I screamed out OH GOD!! I'M CUMMING!!DON'T STOP!!! I screamed out your name when I shot my cum,when I shot my cum out.You fucked my ass harder with bob & fucking my pussy harder with your fist.

You asked me how bad did I want your rock hard cock in my pussy?I got up & told you I wanted to taste your cock & how hard it was in my mouth.I wrapped my lips around your cock & you gasped for air.I licked your hard cock & then I sucked it.I started to suck it faster & faster.I stopped & you told me to turn my back to you & sit down on your cock.I did,I started going up & down on your hard cock. I feel every inch of your cock inside of me.

You told me after 10 minutes to stop or you was going to cum.I told you it was your time to cum,you asked me where did I want you to cum?I told you I wanted to feel your huge hard cock cumming in my pussy.After I leaned back on your chest you grabbed my breasts & we both came together.You felt my pussy tighting up around your cock when you came.

We sat there for a few minutes & I turned to kiss you on the lips.I got up & we cleaned up & guzzled down water after words.We both had sweat rolling off of us.You watched sweat drip off of my breasts & you told me how sexy that was to see me all wet like that.I smiled at you & sat there & kissed your sweet lips.We sat there for a for few minutes.And then it was 2pm,time to go home..I gave you a kiss & we got out & we went our different ways.Me with me body twitching still after that hard fucking that I got & a smile on my face.

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