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It's a Friday and I decided to get to the hotel a
little earlier than our pre-set time. I
wanted to have a little extra time to freshen up and prepare myself for what I know is going to be a hot, steamy afternoon. I get to the room and since we agreed not to speak to each other until afterward, I send you a quick text message indicating the room number. Knowing that you would be arriving very shortly, I unlocked the door. I am so nervous!!! - but very excited at the same time. My hormones are already out of control and you haven't even arrived yet!!

I brought a bottle of wine and I quickly pop it open and proceed to drink a glass to help calm my nerves a bit. Feeling a little more relaxed now, I finish getting ready. I jump in the shower to make sure the landing strip is ready for you. After touching up down below, I draped a towel around myself. I thought I heard something!! I looked around the room, but didn't see anything out of place - must be nerves, I thought. I had brought along a sexy little outfit...a short, tight-fitting sexy skirt, a strapless top, thigh high stockings (cause I know they drive you wild!) and my high heels with the straps that wrap around the ankles. No bra - of course - and a white, lace thong. Little did I know that this entire time you were at the hotel already when I arrived. You watched me check in and followed me to the room and I thought I was hearing things!?!?

I was standing with my back to the door, leaning over with my right foot on the chair, tightening the strap on my shoe when all of a sudden you come up behind me and wrap your arms completely around me. You scared the shit out of me!!! Your body is pressed so firmly against mine and you're holding me so tight that I can't even turn around to see you. You begin to kiss and bite my neck - passionately - and whisper such naughty things in my ear. Your breathing is heavy and eratic and I can feel your hard cock pressing up against me. I am so turned on, but I can't move because you are holding me so tightly. I'm being overpowered by you and I really like it!!

Then you force me up against the wall. You are holding my arms above my head and thrusting yourself up against me while continuing to kiss and bite my neck and move your hands slowly down my body. You are still pressed up against me. I reach around with my hands to grab your cock, which, by the way, is already out of your pants. You lift my skirt with your left hand and move your right hand in between my legs. Your intent here is to get me dripping, soaking wet. You massage my clit between your thumb and forefinger and then slowly insert your fingers inside of me and begin to finger fuck me. You are driving me crazy!!! I am still pinned up against the wall and I can't move!! You are in total control!

You've gotten me sooooo juices are running down your hand and fingers. I am moaning louder and louder and my breathing is getting heavier and more eratic. You can feel my legs getting ready to give out, which only serves to make you hotter...hornier. You take your hard cock that I have been massaging and with one smooth motion thrust it into my hot, waiting pussy. This is it!! I'm going to cum hard right....on....your....hard....throbbing....cock!! We both let out loud moans of absolute pleasure.... OMG you are in me so deep. You are still pressed firmly against me.

You take my arms and are holding them above my head again. You are thrusting yourself into me so hard and so deep....I push back to greet your every thrust while I continue to moan and scream with pleasure. Your breathing is getting heavier.....the harder you breathe - the harder you thrust your big, beautiful cock into me. You are talking dirty and breathing heavily in my ear which is absolutely turning me on even more!! I can feel your cock throbbing deep inside me and you can feel my pussy contracting with your every move. The pace
is getting faster, harder, deeper, HOTTER!

I scream....."I'm cumming!!" You thrust your cock even harder and deeper into me and you scream that you are cumming too!! You thrust you cock so deep into me that I see stars....the room is spinning, I am panting to try and breathe in more oxygen to intensify this mind-blowing experience....and then we both explode in the most intense orgasm...............

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6/5/2006 1:57 pm

yes please..i want to be in that one

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6/29/2006 9:18 pm


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