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Her eyes fluttered opened, she felt the moist darkness around her...where was she? She heard the noise, the ragged breathing of the beast, sleeping not too far from her. She remembered now...how her people from her castle fought to protect her...how the beast had overcome them, taking her from her home. Gingerly, she attempted to rise, body sore from the capture. The Dragon instantly became aware of her movement, opening his silvery eyes to glare at her. He drew himself up to his reigning height of 20 feet, his iredescent scales glistening in the minimal light. Their eyes met in challenge. She stood her ground, denying the terror within her, as she met his gaze defiantly. She felt for her sword at her side...yes, it was still there. The Dragon let out a roar, echoing in the cave & unfurled his massive wings. She had to admit, he was quite an impressive creature. Why am I here? She asked in even tones...because you are to become my bride, roared the dragon. Why she asked. To fulfill the prophecy & to gaurentee our mortality he roared. Never will I become your willing bride she said, as she unsheathed her sword, blade glistening, aimed at the Dragon's breast. She had come from a long line of warriors, & was ready to battle for her own honor. Becoming impatient with her insolence, he again let out a roar. You have no choice in the matter...you're mine now & you will fulfill the prophecy....to be continued......

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Hmmmm interesting. I must re-visit some of the books by Anne McCaffery. she wrote some very good books about dragons

Don't ever give up searching for the fun in life.

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Lookin, this story has very good content. You use imagery quite well. If you ever feel like possibly publishing, let me know, and I'll help you with it!


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Written with grandeur and powerful imagery. I've always had a soft spot for dragons though, being born in the year of the dragon, so I bite my nails and wait for what happens next .......

warm xx

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