So far ....... so nothing!  

lookin4sum3sum 52M/56F
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11/17/2005 12:13 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

So far ....... so nothing!

Good evening (or is it morning? let me check my watch)!! Well, we have had our profile up now for 2 weeks, and although we have sent out lots of messages, and winks ... we have only had one response!! (I am not counting "Auto-replies" that tell me 'I'm a standard member, I can't respond unless you send me an e-mail address'!! Why on earth did we get the "Standard Contacts" option if they think they can't respond? We have had a couple of messages from other couples .. asking if we would like to join them, but ... we are new at this type of thing, we just want to find a nice woman to share in our fun first ... and then go from there. If you are a couple, and only work as a couple, then right now we are not right for you! Then, to top things off, somehow our profile got changed! Suddenly we were just a male looking for a female! So I sent a message to the help desk, and recieved a message later that they had fixed the problem ... well, they did change the profile, suddenly instead of male, we are now female! Hopefully the help desk will get this changed again, and get it right this time!

Gee ... look at me! Off on a rant on my first posting! Sorry about that, but I just had to do it!! Anyway, we hope that soon we will find the woman we are looking for (we are still sending messages to all of you ladies that interest us, hopefully we interest you too!) and hope that soon we can hook up with someone who will be willing to help us fulfill this fantasy!

Until next time ...

booby_ann 56F
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11/17/2005 2:29 am

Did you upgrade to being a gold member because you were not getting responses? I clicked on your profile and noticed you are gold members now.

I am a recent standard member and have gotten a lot of activity already. I think the trick is to upload a picture. I also uploaded a voice intro, but I was getting responses before that. If you are still not geting responses, upload a picture of your wife...because you are looking for a woman. Cool.

Best of luck. Unfortunately I am miles away from you both, I'm in the UK.


lookin4sum3sum 52M/56F
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11/17/2005 11:15 am

Thanks for the comment! We did upload a photo showing the both of us, but after the snafu of having the gender on our profile changed, they said that we couldn't use that photo because it was showing more than 1 person ... now that it is fixed, we have resubmitted it, and hopefully they will allow it this time!

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