Erotic Fiction: Anonymous Encounter  

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Erotic Fiction: Anonymous Encounter

Well, the stories have been delayed a little - three exams and a new full time job will definitely decrease available time for navel-gazing and auto-eroticism. Pity, that. First exam in... eight hours and counting, so a few hours sleep are an idea...

Wow. That was all I could say. The club was packed, the music was great and I was going hard.. I was dancing for two hours as soon as I got there, lost in the beat, almost hypnotised by the deep bass lifting me up, holding me in the air above the floor, moving and swaying and leaping to the music..

I ended up dancing a lot that night, soaked in sweat and pouring myself into the dance.. Later as those with less energy left the floor, I was dancing next to this girl.. She was an incredible dancer.. If I've ever seen sex on the dancefloor, this was it.. Every move she made seemed as if she was trying to seduce - but she wasn't - the bliss on her face as she danced made it seem as if she was getting off on the music herself. She certainly wasn't paying a lot of attention to the world around her. I danced for a while longer, lost in the beat myself, and thought no more of her (except to have a glance over occasionally - wow, she looked incredible).

A little later, she caught me looking over at her (twice actually), and gave me a gorgeous smile.. I probably had a pretty big one on my face myself by now - the music was intense, and I'd been floating in heaven about half the time for four hours now.

She came over and started dancing with me! To say I was surprised was an understatement. Wow, she looked even better up close - I still hadn't stopped dancing for a second, but to dance with someone who could move like that - Ordinarily I would have felt like a complete klutz, but I felt daring enough to dance back..

Her moves were incredible, all sensuous and strangely, almost fundamentally sexual in rythm.. We danced together for a while, my eyes devouring her by now - I'd never seen anyone move like this before. And she seemed totally unaware of the effect she was having. I guess I must have caught her interest too.. and a lot.. because the next time the music settled a bit, she asked if I wanted to go and sit down for a minute.. Well, I had to think about that for about half a second before I agreed..

We walked to the chillout area, and nabbed a sofa in the corner. There weren't many people in here, and it was pretty dark.

We started talking, and I complimented her on her dancing, and she asked me why I liked it.
"It's the way you moved. I can't even explain what it was, but you danced the most incredibly sensuous dance I've ever seen."

She certainly seemed to like hearing that, and we chatted for a bit longer, and it seemed as if we were moving slowly closer together as we did so.. Eventually, I just had to lean forwards to kiss her.. Her lips locked onto mine as if she had just been waiting for me to kiss her, her arms slipping around my back as our toungues touched and teased. A wave of arousal and lust hit me, a sudden rush of desire for this incredibly sexual creature.

She pulled back and rose, her face flushed. "Come with me" she said, pulling me up from the couch by one hand. I followed, and she led me through a small side door. "I used to work here" she explained. It was a storage area, dimly lit. The music from the main dancefloor carried through the wall into here, and it was pumping again. She started to dance in front of me, and I began to move with her. Our hands began to touch each other, and suddenly we were both pushed again into desire, kissing frantically and pulling each other onto ourselves.. I pushed her up against the wall, her hands behind my head as she kissed me, hard. My hands slipped over her arse and thighs, as she hooked one leg behind me, pulling me against her.. My hands touched her breasts, slipping underneath the fabric and touching the soft skin.. She moaned through the kiss, and pushed her hips against me.. She looked into my eyes, and her desire was plain in them.. She kissed my neck, then started sucking on my neck and ear, hard, as her other hand slipped down and began to rub the front of my cargo pants. Oh GOD that felt good, every nerve hotwired by the drugs I was on.. I hoped they wouldn't be enough to stop me now though.. My other hand slipped under her skirt, to caress her thigh, slipping around to gently brush my fingertips across the fabric of her panties.. She moaned into my neck, and bit me, hard.. I shook, and pushed against her, rubbing myself against her crotch. She pushed me back, and reached down, unzipping my fly and extracting my hard cock.. I fumbled a second and removed a condom.. She leaned forwards and bit my nipple through my shirt as I unwrapped it and put it on..

"Kiss my neck" she groaned into my ear, and I did, kissing and sucking the sensitive areas, her neck, shoulders, ears, nibbling gently as she moaned and pushed herself against me.. My hand slipped between her legs and felt her soaking panties.. I reached up and pulled them down, and she smiled and turned around, pulling her skirt up around her hips as she bent forwards and leaned against the wall. She looked back over her shoulder at me, and I pressed the head of my cock against her pussy.. Oh god, that felt great even through a condom.. I pushed, and she pushed back and I slipped straight into her.. She started pushing back with the beat still throbbing through the room, matching the pounding rythm shaking the walls. We heaved into each other, my fingernails scratching down her back, holding her gorgeous arse as I slip myself deep into her, harder and harder, hearing her moans now over the music, and my own, her hot pussy tight around my cock as we pound each other, lost in a wave of music and drugs and lust, driven by the beat into each other over and over again, shaking and shuddering, until I felt her pussy tighten around my cock, and she reached back and almost yanked me deep inside her, her soft wet muscles squeezing me, grinding herself against me set me off, and suddenly the desire and lust built up inside me .. clutching her to me, leaning over deep inside her, holding myself up on the wall as well, her pressing hard back against me.. I shuddered, and came inside her, feeling her pressing back, still grinding against me as I shot deep into her.. We both relaxed against the wall for a moment, fingertips caressing each other, before I stepped back.. She kissed me once more, then grabbed her panties and slipped out the door.

When I came out, she was dancing again. Well, so was I, actually.

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6/20/2006 1:40 am

Dancing and sex are closely interrelated in a wide variety of cultures - not only those which use dancing as a form of courtship or partnering ritual (eg, many Pacific Island cultures), but also those which class dancing as being as 'sinful' as premarital sex (several varieties of Christianity)

If you liked that one, you'll probably like Dancing in the Dark as well.

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