Dancing in the Dark: Part III  

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5/19/2006 5:03 am

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Dancing in the Dark: Part III

We stand, locked together in the darkened corner. Your back against the wall, the heavy beats vibrating through the walls, the air heavy with smoke and sweat. The floor shakes with the rhythm, moves with the dancers and the beat. Your leg is locked around mine, pressing me hard against your heat, hips flowing together in a slow, sensual pace. Our eyes locked, my hands on your hips, yours pressing my shoulders.

You smile, your gaze slips sideways. I follow your eyes, and see the gap between the tall rise of seats and the wall - your leg slides slowly down from around my hips, caressing my calf. One of your hands drops to mine as you press me back, turn out of our embrace, step into the darkness, one hand on mine, drawing me into the dark behind you. I step through the narrow space. A feeling of openness - the rise has no back, a private space below. The darkness is almost complete, the tiniest flicker of light enters and as rapidly vanishes as the lights outside pass over the stand.

The beat rolls through us even here, the darkness pressing against us in waves, your hand on mine pulls me forwards another step. I reach out my free hand, my fingertips find your body in the darkness, tracing the line of your shoulder and running over your breast, down your side.. Your hand finds my chest, slides over my stomach to my hip and draws me into you again, my hardness pressing against your heat. Your hips roll against me, hot breath against my chest, your hands clutching at my butt, fingernails digging into me as you force me against you harder and harder. I groan with desire, my hands slipping over your chest, fingertips seeking your breasts, rough palms teasing your hard, sensitive nipples, moving with the beat.

You step back again, against the wall, drawing me forwards, breasts pressing into my chest, hips pressing against mine, hands running over my back, nails tugging me towards you, hungry mouth on my shoulders, my neck. My hands against the wall, breath ragged and hot, lips grasping and tugging at your ear, your temple, body pressing into you, hard cock pushing against your hot pussy. Our faces press cheek to cheek, teasing tongues flicking, licking at our ears and necks. Your hands slide down, groping at my belt, pulling me forwards, fumbling with the buckle, lips hot against mine. My hands press your shoulders, caress your breasts, your stomach. Hands slipping under the fabric, running over your thighs, tracing the line of your panties.

The beat rolls our hips together as you unlace my belt, slide your hands down around my crotch, skin smooth against my thighs, my cock. Your leg slides up mine, your figure a deeper blackness in the dark. One hand slides down my back, my hands slide down your thighs, up again, lifting your skirt. Your breath hot on my face, your leg pulling me against you, my hands running over your body, my lips on your neck, teasing, biting, sucking. I can feel your hand moving, pulling your panties aside, faces touching, hot and wet pressure against me, the tip of my cock against your heat, dipping into your wet body. The beat pressing us together, our breath in soft groans as you pull me into you, pressing into you, sliding slowly in, then back, then further, the rhythm joins us. Your breath a shudder in my ear, hands on my sides, fingernails on my back, faces touching, lips brushing, sliding further, deeper, every beat a gasp..

Deep inside you, our hips rolling slowly, pressing, relaxing, groaning, sweating, nails scratching down my back, teeth biting at your ear, nipping at your neck, cock pushing deep into you, relaxing back, rolling together then apart. The music starts to change, the beat is deeper, more intense, faster. Groaning, gasping, we dance standing, pressing together, drawing out, pressing deeper, pushing harder back onto me. My skin is burning, your teeth on my chest through my shirt, my fingers rubbing and tugging at your breasts, your nipples. Your body holds me deep inside you, soft, hot, wet caresses on my cock, your lips on mine. Our bodies heave against each other, harder, groaning, pushing, pressing. Possessed by the beat, gasping, thrusting, rolling, touching, pulling, scratching, biting. Hot breath, savage kisses, tongues touching, tasting, teasing.

You push back and up, against the wall, both legs around my waist. Your arms around my neck, back against the rough wall, gravity pressing you down onto me, my cock deepest yet inside you, filling you. Our hips rolling, grinding together, deeper, deeper. Skin wet with sweat, hot breath, pounding rhythm throwing us into each other, groaning, gasping. Your fingers tense and spasm on my shoulders, nails digging into me as your thighs squeeze me and release, hips heaving, my hands under your thighs, fingertips teasing your butt, mouth kissing, licking, biting at your neck. I gasp, pushing into you harder, faster, both groaning with pleasure, hips grinding, breath catching, hands clutching, touches burning, moaning now, pleasure growing, skin tightening, hot breath gasping, heat building, nerves screaming, heaving, thrusting, fire racing up my spine, gasping, building, frozen instant... bursting, gasping, clawing, heaving, arms tight around my shoulders, pulling me against you, shuddering breath on my neck, twitching, pressing, hips rolling, slower, slower, slower, the beat, the beat, pressing together, relaxing, pressing, relaxing. Breath sighs against your neck, fingers sliding through my hair. Your leg sliding down, the other, thighs squeezing me, sliding out of you.

Faces pressed cheek to cheek, hands running over shoulders, through hair. We kiss once more, step apart, rearrange our clothing. We step back out into the beat.


There ya go! Comments appreciated, did you like it, not like it, come close to forgetting how to read, come close, come a long way, go a long way...

Another story is on the way.

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5/30/2006 3:39 am

Glad you liked it Bunny..

So tell me.. can you still 'almost' feel me there?

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