What a great day  

longstayer1959 58M
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5/3/2006 12:43 pm
What a great day

This afternoon was fantastic. Had a meeting that was due to last few thirty minutes but went on for two and a half hours and I got to lick pussy and suck tits for half of the time!!

It was sunny so we went outside to work and as its a rural location we found a place to sit out of the way of the buildings and people. We sat and talk and flirted and I don't know how I plucked up the courgae but I kissed her. She is not a woman that you would view as overtly sexual, married kids and family life and all that, quite dumpy but with loverly hipps and big bum but I've never thought much about her tits until today.

The kiss was great and she guilily talked about her husband and how it was wrong, then we kisses again and she let me run my hand over one of her tits. Small and firm with little definition she lifted her top to show me why, a lycra sport top. She told me a bra was over kill but she did need some support, they were little mounds and I could see the siloette of two but not promenanet nipples. I've always liked biggish tits but these had a facination of thier own and I wanted to play with them to see what they were like and what they would do for me. We kissed again and she wispered its wrong and then pushed my hand up under the lycra and over her tit, the nipple was firm but not outstanding, I lifted the top and started to play. She was nervous in case someone could see us but she was eager for me to suck and play.

This was only the start with her hand down between my legs play with my cock, the next move was to strip me from the waist down, then it was her turn to stip. She was embarrased as she is heavily built but she looked great and her bum ass was nice and wide, she was a bit shy about letting between her legs but when she did the taste was great and I played relentlasly with her clit.

We must have spent well over an hour sixty nining each other and cumming loads really noisily and so close to every one else working. At one point I rolled her on to her back and spread her leg and went in to start a deep hard fuck but she pushed me away, this was off limits. She did insist at this point on climbing on top of me and reversing down on too my face while plaing with my cock and balls and fingering my ass and move backwards and forwards begging me to play with her ass and pussy.

After a while we realise we had to stop and quickly dressed and tried to think about what we were supposed to be doing. This woman has a lot to offer and to more than one man, may be three or four would be more her style while her husband watched, I think bare-back would be the best to highten the risk playing with no rules so she could justlet herself go.

We walk back to the office, she said she felt guilty but had enjoyed herself but did not know how she would face her husband. Then she said something strange, she had never tried anal and never wanted to until now but she knew her husband would never fuck her in the ass and wondered if I knew any one who would. Then she walked on into her office. Not sure how I'm going to face her in the future but I would be up for some more fun if its on offer.

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