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1/20/2006 1:19 am

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I awoke to the alarm clock ,got up,got showered and ready to leave for the transmission shop where the Cruiser was at getting the tranny repaired since monday. The owner had assured me that the work would be completed by wednesday. We had gotten together earlier last week and he had ordered all the parts necessary to rebuild the tranny in the cruiser. As it is a fairly hard to get parts for vehicle, and the trannies don't often fail, we had to wait til monday for the parts to arrive. So I take the rental truck over to the shop to check on his progress. I arrive a littleafter 9 a.m and when I pull in I see my truck parked outside in the fenced in parking area with busted glass all around the ground on the drivers side. Hmm I wonder, he told me that they would be storing my truck inside til it was repaired. It must be fixed then. So I goto pull up beside the truck on the drivers side and I see the widow is shattered and hanging out of the door by the tint film! WTF??? I jump out and run over and look in and see: my laptop is gone, my stereo is gone, the amps,speakers,eq,coins outta the coin holder, cd's outta the back seat, Shit!!! So I turn and go into the shop looking for the owner to see what the f**k had happened. He wasn't in the shop, so I head to the office looking for him. I find him sitting at his desk with his feet up on the desk, jabbering away to obviously someone he's very close too! I wait til he acknowledges my presence, then ask him what happened to my truck? He replies that someone it appears had broke into it last night or yesterday . What? I say. Yesterday? this happened testerday? he says i'm not sure. I am getting very pissed right now! I ask him if he had told me that my truck was going to be stored inside 24/7 til the repairs were completed and I was there to pick it up? He says yes well we needed the space so we parked it outside and when we came in this morning, one of the guys noticed the broken glass and the shattered window. So he decided to wait til I got there to see what I wanted to do! Call the law ,genius! Finally a deputy arrives ,takes the report,takes several pics,gives me the report number and a copy. Seeing as I know the deputy from way back, he tells me that this area has a lot of break ins to vehicles, and that he has responded to this call several times at this particular shop in the past several months. I call my insurance company and tell them the wonderful news, they send an adjuster out just to tell me that everything is covered except my laptop,cd's,money,radar detector. All the stereo will be replaced or reimbursed after allowing for depreciation since it was already over a year old, as well paying to replace the window glass and tint. After the deductible is met that is. So I get to buy a new system and radar detedtor ,plus get to vacuum glass out of my vehicle for months, just because some moron doesn't keep his word,even knowing that the neighborhood his business is in is less than safe! Why the f**k do I let this chit happen to me? I hope the clown knows how to fix my tranny as well as he said he does.Just so I won't ever have to deal with him or his shop again!

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OMG dam nasty people out there...i feel your anger and i don't blame you..tourch the not reallly just a thought


Seduce my mind and my body

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The guys not worth me getting angry over, but he had better honor his warranty !!!Thank you for reading and posting, Very hot pics by the way

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1/24/2006 10:15 am

Thanks for all the nice, hot, sexy comments you left me. Maybe I should just come and fix your tranny!!

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1/27/2006 10:21 am

Sexy Southern Peach,you may fix anything that's wrong or even not wrong whenever your beautiful heart desires! You keep posting babe, n i'll keep areading them... But a shame that you live so far away.. Take care gorgeous, BC...

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