Some say its in the size...I say its in the angle of attack!!  

longdarkknight 54M
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6/29/2006 9:49 pm

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10/10/2007 4:56 pm

Some say its in the size...I say its in the angle of attack!!


call me crazy, but I like my dick! LOL

No, not as in I like to suck it (although that would be a great thing I think if men could...I think more would if they could than would say they would, if they could - you know what I mean?) but as in I like the way I am "packaged" so to speak.

Not that anyone else cares about my dick, but in case you wanted to know, it has a bit of a curve to the length of it...almost like it is designed to hit a certain spot inside the vagina. Interesting don't you think?

Now I am not even trying to fake like I am 9, 10, or more inches in length! (Not going to call out any names, but there are SOME fella's on here who need to go back to school and learn how to MEASURE! (And you don't measure from the outter rim of the asshole forward fellas! It only counts if it can go in!) HAHAHAHAHAHA

But what I am saying is that I think the angle of attack is perhaps, more important than the size! (Come on you big dick fellas and BD lovers - put em up! I can take ya.)

Yeah, yeah, I hear ya that you want to be "filled up" and all that jazz, but us "NICE" dick sized fellas with a "hook" can hit certain spots that ole sausage dick only glazes by!

So the question is, do you want to be stuffed or satisfied? Or can you get both? Hey! Sounds like a gangbang put on by my good friend saltnpepper1938!!!

Tell me what you think? (Or FEEL as the case may be! *smile*)


btw - for all you REALLY horny people out there with nothing better to do, I have added video # 4 and 5 to my videos...don't forget to vote on them after you take a "peek". (I crack myself up!)

wildokiewoman 45F
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6/29/2006 10:52 pm

I would have to agree that angle matters. Although, I won't say size doesn't matter, it is more what you can do with what you were given. I am honest enough, with myself and others, to say, I like to be satisfied just as well as stuffed. If they know how to work it, u get both!!!!!!

rm_meforfun1965 52F

2/8/2007 8:14 pm

In my book size does matter, cause it's a long way to CHINA in a ROWBOAT. But i like to feel it as well as get filled up with it. I agree if they know how to work it ..........well we could get both! I like that angle attack very well. hmmm mmmm.

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