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5/9/2006 10:32 am

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The Best

This lady responded to my profile because of my description, and availability. I am a businesman and could arrange to meet early morning hours.
She discribed herself to me as a woman whos husband seriosly lacked in the lovemaking area. We swapped e-mail addresses and then work phone numbers.

After a while of talking and getting each other horny we made plans to meet. The plan was I was to go over her house right after her husband left to go to work at 5:30 am. She will leave the back door open I am to go up the back stirs through the unlocked door into the kitchen and enter the first door on the leftwhich is her bed room and not to make any noise to wake up her teenage kids.

So I usally go to a gym at that time in the morning, instead I find myself at her house. I get out of my truck and climb the stairs. I enter the kitchen an go into her bedroom. I shut the door the tv is on and she has her head covered. I took off my clothes and got into bed with her she gave me a big smile, said hi and gave me a big kiss. Our tounges explored each other mouths. I looked at her she is beautiful. We had never met before and I could not believe how beautiful she is> She had a t shirt on and no panties. What beautiful large breast she has and I start to suck on her nipples. I reach down and feel her pussey and to my amazement she is clean shaven. What a joy I went down on her I have never in my life seen such a beautiful pussey and did she taste great too.
We started to 69 and wow she sucked my cock hard and wonderfully. I thought I was going to explode
I got up and stood by the side of the bed and she started to suck my cock and balls again she turned around and I stuck my cock into her pussey. I could not believe how good and tight she felt to me.
I have been there for a while I could no longer hold it I exploded in her pussey I pulled out and she started to suck on me again. She went to the bathroom and got a towel for us I cleaned up and got dressed kissed her goodby and left.
We never got together again.

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