lonesomefornow2 66F
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7/29/2006 8:06 am

shit gets shaky around whenever i go to house cleaning,,,,,,,,,,,anything and everything might wind up in the trash-bin,,back me up to a wall,will ya??? GOT MILK??? PACK A LUNCH,,TOO !!!!TAKE A NUMBER AND GET IN LINE,,,whatever.........zzzzzzzzz(LOLOLOLOLO i just close the door and crank up the music,,fuck it,,in a handbag if you like,,,i resist being influenced by the manipulations of others,,,,i can go from hot to cold in a micro-second if i suspect you are false in anyway....or trying to change me...or dump a guilt trip on my shoulders,,,not having any of it ,,thank you..i have enough struggles changing myself and without a whole lot of sucess either ,,so i sure am not going to let you try...as far as guilt trips,,,invited to enough of those,,and didn't enjoy the ride,,the scenery is real boring and repetious....got off,, not buying another ticket for a roundtrip...

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