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7/24/2006 9:27 am

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it is a constant amazement to me how two people can be miles away and yet ,,the same thought is held by both,,one thinking it ,,the other saying it,out loud... you can not fabricate this or manipulate it ,,it either is there or not,,,that connection without a name cannot be faked or construed to fit your needs,,you can't buy it or sell it or produce by your own efforts at all,,the one true test of genuine match for me,,could be not be,,by any other means...the freedom of knowing when it's right without fears or doubts or questions or design by human endeavors or is like the feelings of comfort one gets from thinking of home... i could not describe to equal comprehension of what i was seeking,,,for it is called many things by many people,,to some it was a foolish idea bound to fail in it's ambiguity,,but i knew there was one searching for me,,i said from beginning i was only looking for one but a special one to only my search...well in original blogs,,sorry if you missed it,,but i spelled it out very plainly in the limited language skills that i have,, of the specifics of my search.. what it would take to snag this one needs a brain first of all,that can think outside of the bedroom in stead of exclusivly so within the confines of his penis and it's entertainment..ah,,yes conversation is required...and sex is most definitely included with the connection of mental awareness,,without ever having it a reality to compare with ,,the confidence is assured of pure pleasure for the chemistry has preceded with invisible connectors already receptive to the body and senses,,i know it will be heaven on earth in the intensity of the merely awaits the timing to catch a flower yielding it's nectar to the bee,,,each plays a part in nature,,if you listen to the beat and match time to that and not tradtions of abusive manipulations for coupling,,you get far better' happiness for everyone...yeppers...let the brains talk it out first,,then everyone else falls in line too..

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7/25/2006 8:09 am

You are a marvelous lady so glad i found your blog. Kent

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7/25/2006 4:21 pm

Will click for food … and/or healthy illusions.

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