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7/30/2006 4:50 am

and how distasteful it is,,in any one of those forms,,truthfully...i know,, that some enjoying digging around in the refuse and rubbish of other's lives,a scavenger hunt if you will of the miseries of bleeding hearts poured out on the ground...the typical justification is concern for their fellow's sufferings,,sorry that excuse don't float here....i know better ,,the real motive behind your care and concern...your do-gooder attitudes and what is the reward you seek......off of every thing you do,,there is expectations of some validation,,some pat on the head ,some gold star placed next to your name,,some trophy,,SOME REWARD.....the oldest ambition in the world is to be raised up in recognition of what???? look at every dictator and where they started from and where they always end up....i am very distressed that RELIGION has cast the rest of the world into chaos and specifically 3 religions,,MUSLIMS AND THEIR VERY VIOLENT ,MILITANT RELIGION (S) since they have factions that don't accept each other either,,????,,, THE JEWS,,,AND THEIR VERY VIOLENT AND MILITANT RELIGION(S) AGAIN ,THEY HAVE FACTIONS THAT DON'T AGREE WITH EACH OTHER ,,EITHER,,,AND OF COURSE THE CHRISTIANS WHO ARE IN EVERYONE'S FACE ABOUT JESUS,,BUT WE ( I AM PART OF THE FAMILY ,WHETHER YOU LIKE IT OR NOT,,) HAVE SEVERAL FACTIONS THAT DON'T AGREE WITH EACH OTHER AND WE DON'T LIKE ANYONE ELSE EITHER ,TRUTH BE TOLD.... SO IT'S TIME FOR THE REST OF HUMANITY to decide if you want to be held hostage by radical, violent bullshitters who don't walk,,,the walk they talk,,if they are giving your faith a bad name,,it's time to shut them down and get rid of the true enemies of your faiths,,respectively,,they are all within the walls of the faith you serve,,,go back to the roots of religions ,,yours ,mine ,,ours,,who cares whose,,they all share some things,,but war should never be a part of the worship,,,there are no winners in war,,war only serves greed and ambition.....two things that wil feed on everything and anything to stay alive....including the worshipers and especially their pocketbooks....

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