lonesomefornow2 66F
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7/10/2006 3:09 am

as happy as i am with the overall substance of my life,,,i am not happy for i have stuff that i do not want...while most are hoarding up and stocking up on money and stocks etc..which truthfully i do not have in abundance..not stressed about it though for i can make a living anywhere i go and bartering is a skill..i own property that was inherited from grandmother,,but do not get the impression of that being a plus...ownership of land is a unnatural concept for is a burden,and anchor around my ties me down and anything that threatens my freedom is soon pruned off..i have finally understood that even i can not fight my own i am going mobile and invisible again..the process of pruning has is time to get out of the cities and away from the coming battle for survival,,when money and stocks become worthless for a while...and the gangs move in greater numbers and force...who will stop them ??? at my age ,,i have to think of real things and problems,,city living is not to my grandmother was 97 when she died, i plan on being the last, of the last of my bloodline...i can go native,,i have the heart for it and the knowledge..

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