lonesomefornow2 66F
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7/4/2006 8:25 am

i do not personally see other women as competion or threatening to my status or in anyway a comparison to myself...i am not like other women because i had few role models to follow ,so i created my own version of womanhood..for me...i am unsure of women, they are as confusing to me as they are to men...that is based on professional experiences not personal ,intimate relationships...i have found on the whole,, women do not enjoy or value or appreciate their gender,,unless it is defined by a man or lack of one...lesbians are so anti-male and yet buy dildos ??? it does not compute in my brain,,,,why ?? i have had experiences that are used by some as reasons for going the other way and to condemn a whole gender for the actions of one or a few is just's like the crap religion teaches about EVE and the garden,,women have been blamed for a deception while Adam ate on purpose,, the law was given to him not her....but what do you hear today,,can't trust a woman,they all are just bitches,,etc,etc,, WHO THE FUCK CARES NOW,,WHO DID WHAT ,WHEN ,WHERE AND TO's life,,no one was given any handbook,saying you get to go ahead of everyone else...anyway,,back to original thought being my discomfort with women that have a chip on their shoulders about men,,,,i like men,,not all, but enough to NOT WANT to trash 'em and send in bottles of their sperm so we can eliminate them...all together...i don't have one taste bud in my mouth so i don't have to get hung up on one flavor but ultimately it is my i need more experience being around women that is not business related,,and real women, adult women,mature is the key....i really would like to be comfortable with my sex equals,,just haven't had any opportunity or no-how to get that experience,,it gets in some areas that aren't defined for me ,yet,,what is off limits in exploring ??? QUEER ,YES BUT NOT IN THE WAY YOU THINK,,BUT ORIGINAL DEFINITION FORM,,,AND PROUD OF IT,,IT MAKES ME JUST ME..

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