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7/11/2006 3:03 am

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and can't and shouldn't and won't...especially if it comes with the words attached ,,"because you are a girl"....now i am smart enough to know that some things i can not do because i am female and some things just wouldn't be practical to do as a girl (smile)but it is the attitude of"DON'T BOTHER" that irks me...i am not out to prove anything over anyone else,,just try my hand at same opportunities,,,if i can work as hard as a man,,i'm due the same in respect,,not more but as much as a man would receive..i don't think a woman should be in every field of work,,but some of us should know how to do your job,,in case you can't or aren't there to do it..the divison of labor shouldn't be gender related but it should include everyone knowing what needs to be known for operation.. i do have a real problem with the word CAN'T,,when applied to myself,,,the stubborness in me will try to prove you wronge in my case,,trust me ,,i will find a way to do what you say i can't...my own expectations of self abilities will drive the challenge....i can accept failure but it is a long time in coming to giving up before i say UNCLE..my brain is naturally wired for " AFRICAN ENGINEERING" it is just a process of figuring out how to make it function for me..don't have a pair of pliers,,use a can opener,,hang curtains with fishing hooks and line..little stuff,but the ability to find suitable substitutes for the moment is a gift...understanding leverage was my greatest breakthrough and started the journey of knowing how to do for myself...the confidence it gives me,,and the stress it eliminates,,i hate waiting on something to be fixed by another person,,just teach me how ,,and i'll do it myself...YEAH,,ASKING FOR HELP,,is another problem area for me,,will not unless absolutely needed,,and if i ask for help and you put me off,,sorry ,,i find someone else to help ,,i need help now not later..or wouldn't have asked for it,now.. i am immune to verbal abuses,,have heard every slang term and word created by humans,,since birth really ,and it has no further affect on me,,it moves me not or has any sting left...labels applied as well,i've been called it all,,,doesn't change a thing,,see,,i don't accept the dressings of others to wear as my identity,,nuts,,crazy,wacked,,this or that or something else entirely,it matters little to me...no one else i know is a role model for any better,,so i'll just stay me,,thank you..

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