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7/20/2006 12:52 pm

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discord and disruptions, two teens bored and full of ideas,parents wishing only to escape the heat...no one can agree on agenda,,i wait in wings,,holding breath it seems....for someone to fucking decide and pick something and leave once again....restore the calm...spontaneous does not include dropping in on people without a call in advance,,i don't like it done to me and i don't care to pop in on others either...i was taught it was rude...guess being old fashioned isn't hip these days when it comes to everyday courtesy...do not like being in confrontational mode,,it clashes with hostess mode and family loyalties,,,pinches my ass together and ties my stomach in knots...LOLOLOL first one to step on my tail will get both barrels of spit and fire...my claws been flexing all week (smile) heard a song today,,brought out some interesting lyrics,,,,called "LEAVE THE PIECES " by the Wreckers,,,can relate to song...ready to pack a pillowcase and run away from home,,nawwwww,,not me leaving...i am often told to repeat myself because i am very soft spoken,,but having been in the military ,,i can make myself heard in drill sargent clarity above the noise when necessary...i prefer silence to yelling,,and busy acitvity when pissed,,i work it off first if given chance to ,,let emotions settle down and the real issues float to top of pot boiling..when i am ready to talk then i am ready and not until i know why i am pissed in first place..not some vague feeling and so i just react..i have to be able to tell you why,,to articulate it with reasonable expectations of you comprehending it...

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7/20/2006 2:17 pm

Focus negative energy into the positive. I soooo agree.
Hope your day improves and leaves you with a smile.

warm wishes 2ya

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7/25/2006 4:40 pm

Why is it that time softens some people, and hardens others?

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